I punch the initiative!
It's over. It's finally over. Back to doing as little work as I can get away with :)
Hope doesn't trickle down. It springs up.
Under the sexual arena of earthly delight, there lurks a deadly pit of socks.

Greeting and salutations, Loungeons. The weather is clear and a bit chilly. I am fine. How are you? It's actually go

Non Temetis Messor, Sir Pterry.
I have approximate knowledge of many things.
Live long and prosper.
The vast universe with its shuffle, cosmetically a bubble, pulling, pushing out and growing, and there, the watchful eye of Hubble
Play the Game of Thrones drinking game! Either you win, or you die (of pancreatic failure).

Greeting and salutations, rivals. So, here's the thing: I'm pretty awesome. The majority of Loungeons are also...

For your comfort and convenience you will not smoke
Gonna find dates through the power of the internet.

Greetings and salutations, Loungeons. The time is roughly 9.30 in the AM. The date is Monday 5th January 2015. I was meant

There's a reason I'm single. It's called my face.
I want to stay home and play DA:I, but I have to go and get beat at darts. :(
Played darts. Got... the win!
I just stood on Lego. This is the worst pain anyone has ever been in.
Got rained on. I hate the sky and everything that comes out of it.


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