Scott Cee
Scott Cee needs food badly!
Scott Cee
2 days ago
Scott Cee
Jul 23, 15 11:37pm
Scott Cee
Jul 17, 15 7:38pm
Anyone found not having a good time will be shot.
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Jul 10, 15 5:02pm

So we've all seen that Power Armour is somewhat customiseable. Customizable? Able to be customised. But I don't we

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Jun 26, 15 5:30pm

Greetings and salutations, Loungeons. I am fine, how are you? So, uh, this follows directly from the post I've just m

Scott Cee
Jun 08, 15 9:02pm
Scott Cee
Jun 01, 15 6:43pm
Mmm, s'ghetti.
Scott Cee
May 28, 15 7:19pm
Knifehead just took a swandive off the top of my bookcase and scared the shit outta me.
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May 28, 15 5:31pm

Greetings and salutations, Loungeons. I am tired off of a day at work. How are you? The weather is fine. So, I'm goi

Scott Cee
May 21, 15 8:34pm
Eating tangy cheese and hot chili roulette Doritos. I can't feel my tongue!
Scott Cee
May 16, 15 12:47pm
Flash Gordon is on TV later. So is Kindergarten Cop. At the same time! How decide?
Scott Cee
Apr 18, 15 10:50am
I punch the initiative!
Scott Cee
Apr 01, 15 5:35pm
It's over. It's finally over. Back to doing as little work as I can get away with :)
Scott Cee
Mar 23, 15 6:21pm
Hope doesn't trickle down. It springs up.
Scott Cee
Mar 21, 15 9:37pm
Under the sexual arena of earthly delight, there lurks a deadly pit of socks.
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Mar 19, 15 6:06pm

Greeting and salutations, Loungeons. The weather is clear and a bit chilly. I am fine. How are you? It's actually go

Scott Cee
Mar 12, 15 6:36pm
Non Temetis Messor, Sir Pterry.
Scott Cee
Mar 11, 15 12:06am
I have approximate knowledge of many things.
Scott Cee
Feb 27, 15 11:45pm
Live long and prosper.


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