Thanks for helping me out in the Homework thread. Sign back if you want to.

s i g n e d -- b y
I heard you needed a weapon. Well it just so happens that I need about $500, if you catch my drift...

Lol. See you in the MP2 forum.
When I first came to Neo, you had just left. Now it seems you're back. Good, we're close to Zero Hour. Hope to see you more around the MP2.

Don't mind me, I'm on a signing spree! ^^
Please sign back!
Here's some of my stamps!:

Take care!

I'm sorry that your sibling's infatuated with Hillary Duff. But Happy Dead Cat Day.
Hi, I saw you in the Need for Speed Underground forum and I saw a link in your sig that lets me sign your guestbook, so what do you know, I'm signing it right now.

quote Beatrix Kiddo
How'd you find me?
quote Bill
I'm the man
One of my favorite movies

You're the man. LOL. Anyway, I thought I signed your guestbook already, but I checked and saw that I didn't. I've seen you in the Echoes forum a lot. BTW, since I signed yours, could you sign mine as well? Thanks. See you later!

Neo-Dragon, I'll be the first to sign ur guestbook..

Have a stamp!!
C u around..