Stem Cell Scarchelli
Feb 16, 08 1:51am
I enjoy your avatar by the way. Good old fashoined Black & White pic, guy with a strong chin, clean shaven face, topped off with a stylish hat. Can't go wrong there. hah
Stem Cell Scarchelli
Feb 16, 08 1:44am
Dunno if you remember me, but it's Kaxio. New profile - Kaxio was permanetly banned. haha. Anyway I miss all the neo oldies chatting it up in GTA3 chat. But hopefully i'll see you around the forums.

Stem Cell
DragoniteBallZ Scarchelli
Jan 13, 07 11:49am
Damn Plisk, you and your ladies are hott shit. Nice one posting those nipply pics on the NeoAlbum. Those are the best pics I've seen yet there.
Superfast Oz Scarchelli
May 12, 06 10:33am
You know I have come to notice recently that the people who I've known and liked the most on neo, I've never touched their guestbooks. I don't know why, I guess these things never really need to be said among friends, but what the hell.

Plisky is one of the greats, he's exactly the kind of person that makes me still come to neoseeker. Those of us who are still here after all the crap, the surviving remnants of neo's great past.

I noticed dyno saying you used to be a spammer, which reminds me I think I complained about a promotion of yours once and it was revoked for a while. Funny how things turn on their head, hell I had El Rey permanently banned once and he turned out one of my best friends on neo.

I don't have too much more to say, except stick around dude, because there isn't anyone to replace us.
Vapour Snake Scarchelli
May 8, 06 6:33am
You've been bitten by me, because i felt like it. Now that i have tasted you i hope to see you around the forums alot more.

Since you've posted at least once in the new MGS4 forum. You deserve a stamp.
Phan10 2 0 Scarchelli
Feb 27, 06 12:08am
I needed to sAY to whover the TT mod was thanks for letting us have so much fun here. Please sign mine if you want. I'm running dry of signatures.
Dark Spectre Scarchelli
Apr 18, 05 5:19pm
Any action and arcade moderator deserves a guestbook signing. Here's a stamp for you.

(The stamp may kinda suck but still it's better than nothing)
Matt v1 Scarchelli
Dec 23, 04 6:37am
Are you in the mafia? oh oh what are you gonna do? call your GODFATHER?? well you do that then say hello to my little friend!

just kidding, i dont know much about gangster movies so here

Sign Back Please
TommyVercetti Scarchelli
Dec 23, 04 5:27am
Hey, I've seen you at the San Andreas forum and thought I'd stop by and say happy holidays.
way2fast10 Scarchelli
Dec 19, 04 1:51pm
sweet blossom and silver tiduses slave here
your name begins with S so i will sign
they are such nice people they should win the noble prize one day:colored:

RedFoxBandit Scarchelli
Dec 18, 04 5:45am

An Action & Arcade mod deserves a good signing and a stamp.


Echo Scarchelli
Nov 21, 04 4:12am
Hey Scarchelli! You seem like an awesome guy from our conversations on MSN. I hope we can become friends later. Plus, you're automatically cool because you're a MGS and a 24 fan like myself. Man, I can't wait for season 4 of 24, it's gonna kick ass. Anyways, see ya man and remember to sign my guestbook in return!

Ffantasy_gamer Scarchelli
Oct 16, 04 2:15am
now sign mine or else Guestbook
Corleone Scarchelli
Oct 14, 04 1:28am
Oh hey you know I have a lot of friends who just hate movies but you seem to like them and most of the actors you listed are some of my favorites like Al Pacino, I think he is really underappreciated for all his great work. Anyways just thought I sign I noticed your Collateral avatar and it's great, I want it when your done with it, lol.

See ya around the forums.
DQ Maniac Scarchelli
Sep 30, 04 5:30pm
Pistons Maniac Scarchelli
Sep 8, 04 11:16pm
Mrplisky, eh? Interesting...

Just decided to sign someone's guestbook...guess you were the lucky one. See you around the forums; peace.
SnipeProjectX Scarchelli
Sep 2, 04 2:49am
Nice talking to ya on AIM. You don't take shit from noone. That's a good thing. You're a smart guy too. Don't waste the intelligence you have. Later man.
Q22 Scarchelli
Aug 26, 04 2:36pm
Hey Scarchelli,

It's been good working with you on the portals, you've done the most work though and the amount of effort you've put into them is astounding . It's been good talking to you.
NSX Scarchelli
Aug 22, 04 11:57pm
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around Scarchelli. Sign back if you want...
Hitman3580 Scarchelli
Aug 7, 04 7:52pm
Your super.
Siphoenix Scarchelli
Jul 4, 04 1:06am
Alias353 Scarchelli
Dec 15, 03 3:50am
This is Alias353 here to say hope you have a Merry Christmas! Or whatever you may celebrate!

Most who know me know I don't usually stamp guestbooks, so I guess that makes you special.

stupidbird723 Scarchelli
Nov 29, 03 2:45am
can u tell me how to put a picture under your name
im like the only person with no picture
so i f you could plz help id a pretiate it peace
bri89 Scarchelli
Sep 26, 03 1:42am

You, whoever this is…… are very lucky. You have been signed and stamped by bri89. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Whoopee:|! I just got stamped by bri89….Prez of Spam. Inc.” Yea throw a party for ya friends GET ON DA DANCE FLOOR! But it really is nothing to celebrate about.
So take care, and don’t go goodie bag shopping:P
Also, BTW I do have not one but Two different stamps as well as the SPAM Inc. Stamp. Sorry but you can only get one. Ask me nicely and I’ll stamp you with the other one too.

Brought to you by

Please visit the SPAM Inc. Website

Please sign my Guestbook
Please do so only if you haven’t done so already.

*Private Message for Scarchelli*
You my friend have showed me the character of the mafia, your presence in the MP2 forum is unrivaled. You're cool in my book. Here's your Spiritual Comment.

Max Payne is a man of his word. He takes care of business as it is to be done. I see that you have the same character. I see nothing but prosperity and cake in your future. Spiritual Advisor of bri89
DragoniteBallZ Scarchelli
Sep 4, 03 1:10am
Yo Scarchelli! It's Me DragoniteBallZ! I'm signing you're book because I can and because I am the Magically Sexy P.I.M.P.

One more thing...