First off, the tablet forum has 0 ppd so i didnt post there, sorry. I have a galaxy s4 currently and might get an s5 on bl

I know this is the wrong forum, but loungin is far more active than the PC help forum. :P I am trying to plug my old links

Not sure where to post this, I don't go on this site too often anymore. But Loungin seems pretty active so I figured I&#

I saw the thread for LAD but this is for the other seasons. Im sure discussion of them is in there but I havent watched it y

Not sure anyone here will know a solution to this, but here goes... Okay, currently I played under the email scarchelli@gm

Is Bigfoot actually in this game? Or aliens? Or anything else like that?

I just realized you can't enter a casino in this You can go in them in on a PS2 game and this game you can&#

I finished earlier today. I've been playing pretty much non stop since midnight when it came out. Only stopped to eat,

A decade, already?

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