I hope you have had a great halloween, and thanks for being an awesome person ;D!
hey sc0rp. u r a great friend. what do u think of mah stamp.

You're on the list too Scorp...


See ya in the crews!


you got a message from lucario
quote Lucario
the aura is my b*tch
anyway your a great member keep it up my neo brother
You really know how to run a crew scorp you are one of the greatest...(can find stamp)Oh well talk to you later see ya!!! oh and if there is anything you want to talk about im open to discuss
Same you you, you are a great leader

it's boring but, you have been

see ya around
Do you ever get any decent games? lol

Just wanted to come by and stamp you back

see ya around

Hey Sc0rpius You are an awesome friend, and I am on a stampin' spree =D

Feelin' Cold Yet?
hmm i should stamp you back with one of my new ones ^-^

yes you are right
it is epic!

Hi there SC0RPIUS

you been stamped by Cloud me!

just thought Id stamp your book for absolutely no apparent reason! (eye twitch)

well here ya go! stampity stamp stamp!

spongebob reference >.>
Well? What is the next part of the how to be snake story... thing? :3

I will have to find out... with the power of the toon stamp :3
Told you i would stamp you eventually ^-^

Nah. Just kidding. Just wanted to give you this epic stamp scorps. See ya around.


SIGNED by the TRUE Yoshi King Great job being leader,and I hope your wifi improves
I'm recently giving thanks to people by sigining their guest books so here is my awsome stamp for promoting me to veteran and hopefully I can be promoted again after this and I hope you and midna are doing well after your neo marriage

Hey your neohome is cool too! Sure it does need more organization, but it's great! I like the pictures especially. Gratz on the neomarriage!

ooh! cucumbersw have legs to stamp with too!
Hey be-lated congrats on your neo-marriage!
write back some time
OMG! one stamp! i fix that and make it two! XD

Congratz on neo marriage! now i go stamp midna again...


you've been stamped!

Hey dude congrats on the neo-marrage with midna!
well i see you finally got a stamp other than magical pie....not that i dont like it but...

anyways i have a new stamp too

Heres a new stamp you will like (favorite character):

See ya around.

I have to sign your guestbook after what you said about the war! Lulz. "If this works, all the pieces of the puzzle will come together than I'll start Neoseeker's first world war!!!" That was epic. See ya around.


here's ur demanded signing mr.alchemist XD

i wonder if u recognize it...


Well since you gave me magical pie, you get a ticket to not be attacked by toonies and...