Thanks so much LPF for the awesome banner,I will be keeping it for awhile because It's that good .

I really love your skills with Photoshop and they never cease to amaze me!.
I bakeded a cookie 4 u, but I eated it.

so i gave u sumz guestbook signingz

da cookie wuz go0d by tEh wayz. Me g0 baking you 'nother cookie

keep being the awesome person you are.
I was just curious about the girl in your pictures Who is she? She seems familiar for some reason. Unless it's someone else I'm thinking of.
Thanks for making me that Sig! Another GB signing as a thank you!

Finally got the chance to sign your GB. Thanks again for making the Sig for me! Here's your stamp:

I believe your article is currently the highest rated on GameGrep... that itself deserves a stamp

And I expect you to sign the guest books thanks to whom you got such a high rating
Thanks for the awesome GTA sig! I dont have a stamp right now but I'll give you a stamp when I make one so you get 2 signings!

Thanks again!
Thanks for making me that awesome sig!

Really Appreciate it!
I noticed your name and im a huge LP fan too wana be Neofriends

Hope you have a good one!
Just passing through...

And now for your second stamp.

You can still stamp me 2 more times to earn 4 more stamps.
As promised here is your first of two stamps.

Hope you like it.
I just though that a fellow Ratchet and Clank fan deserves a Ratchet and Clank Stamp


I'm just signing random guestbooks today and you're one of them! Congrats! *throws confetti*

No stamps, I don't know how to make one.

See ya! And please sign back
I'm a mission to snipe people's guest books, So big up to get your famous on Neo.

Sign Back KonvictSaiyan
Well done for using my avatar for a 2 weeks. You deserve another nice stamp.
(Sorry about the delay)

Keep using the avatar to get more stamps.

I just wanna sign you g-b cuz you're a pretty cool guy and I'm glad I knew you =D

enjoy the sexy stamp.

Hey i noticed on your profile that joke. i thought it was pretty funny let me know what think of my joke.
"What is a computer's first sign of old age?
Loss of memory"

Let me know what you think i have a load more jokes if you wanna here them Please sign back.
Well done for having my Avatar as your own for a full week. You have therefor earned yourself a sexy stamp.

Can you last another week?? Will the stamp be as sexy?? That depends on how many join in this week.
Hey, I am signing your Guestbook to say thanks again for the great, awesome and unbeatable banner and the help, thanks! You rock! I know I keep thanking you for it, but it rocks! Stay cool and seek on!
thanks yet again for my banner and if you made my avatar (i forgot who did lol) thanks aswell

peace out and remember the god of war is watching you

Thanks for signing my guestbook, the image didn't show properly but its okay. Just wanted to tell you that now has the full mp3s of Given Up and No more sorrow from the Berlin, Germany download. Both songs are awesome!
like i said i would sign ur guestbook so here im here ...signing u guestbook on a saterday with nothing to do no datejust spending the rest of my life on the web with out a date(sigh).