Looks like a very impressive line up for launch. 4 out of those games I would probably get.

Hopefully more will be... read more

I can always tell how long i've been single by how weird my porn is getting

lol i noticed that problem, too, I didnt know what I put on my hair.
im thinking about investing in this now
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took a shower in the dark.Thought bloody mary was gonna get me but than it was pretty relaxing
id get AC3, but I havent beaten Borderlands 2 yet

Shame, 3D makes perfect sense for gaming. It was just to expensive for right now read more

gangman style? im down!
I see you...you look nice in that
just found how to do this

quote samwise995
A while ago it was reported that Mark Wahlberg had been cast. I hope he has been un-cast. No offense...
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ima go and guess this will be a looooongg time before we even see the first trailer read more

this is why i love gearbox.

But for some reason I was expecting the circle of life song to play/ read more

which makes me wonder how much games will cost NEXT gen. I remember when ps2 games where 40 read more

I never understand how companies are strict on keeping new release secret but employeers just put them on linkedin.... read more

They did had a blue coat in one screen shot I've seen. About it. read more

oh goddammit completely forgot about infamous 2. Its even worse they MADE YOU do it read more


This has been rumored so many times I don't bother with new ones. read more

quote BlackLabel
Can't blame them for assuming this game has been coming out and being delayed every 6 months for the...
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do modders have to pay for this or does bethesda release it for free? read more

that explains why my ass has been handed to me by a bunch of weak mages read more

this game is still on my list of games to get that i missed out on this year (portal 2, dead space 2,... read more

Basically a little machine thats set on the map and you either have to detonate it or defend it. There's a few of them. read more


Yeah true, soul calibur wont be soul calibur without the outfits. read more