tom111 Satokasu Suki
Sep 10, 05 3:42pm
Hope to talk to you soon:


Happy B-day Suki, your like my best buddy on neo, your so nice!
Have a good one!
Xel Satokasu Suki
Sep 6, 05 12:19pm

YAYAYAY wha CHANG!!!1 for you! I thought to myself, why not go on a spree?
wha CHANG!!! iz tha greatest saying since Roffling a Woffle too!

From my favorite turtle and yours,

Yu0 iz t3H definition of SEXHAY^_^

Barmy Brat Satokasu Suki
Sep 4, 05 1:03pm
I've been going through my massive back-catalogue of NeoPMs, and I came across ours from way back in the days of the Sonic Heroes forum. We've both come a long way since those days, I can see. Anyway, whether or not you remember me, I'll sign your GB just for old times sake.

treecko3 Satokasu Suki
Sep 4, 05 11:02am
guitar gurl Satokasu Suki
Sep 3, 05 11:13pm

Happy Belated Birthday!
Segasmith Satokasu Suki
Sep 3, 05 5:02am
I am now hosting a party to honor the 17th birthday of Ms. Satokasu Suki! Here are some of the guests!

Now time for some presents!

And this...

Now the best gifts of the night! A few pictures of the couple named after you. -^^-

And a special last one!

Aww, isn't that just so sweet? -^^-

Hope your birthday wishes come true! *gives you a special birthday kiss and hug* -^____^-

Kilik 64 Satokasu Suki
Sep 3, 05 12:26am
Wierd how you got over a full page of just Happy birthday stamps. Oh well.

Kilik 64 Satokasu Suki
Sep 3, 05 12:26am
Wierd how you got over a full page of just Happy birthday stamps. Oh well.

Dragon Tamer888 Satokasu Suki
Sep 2, 05 11:43pm
opps i forgot one! lol sorry

ok ok so its a comick cover but the pic is funny XD i poromised you id get it and i did lol
Dragon Tamer888 Satokasu Suki
Sep 2, 05 11:41pm
hey hapy b day! i hope you get more presents than i did lol

the golden oldies:

im not sher if you got these ones lol but anyway have some bb+raven pics.

see? i told you theyr perfeckt for eatchother lol...i think... XD

now for some new ones! *rushes to google*


ready for battle!

merocu and songo

shasshomaru both forms!

who can stay mad for long with a face like that?

i-its amaizing! its...its inpossable!!! merocus not totching songos butt!!! XD but still its abought ime lol

lol well have a happy b day!
ChRisSy_1 Satokasu Suki
Sep 2, 05 7:24pm
Since you like anime, and it's your birthday here's a anime-birthday card i just googled.

ahh the wonders or google, where would we be with out it?

anyways have a happy birthday!
sheik08 Satokasu Suki
Sep 2, 05 7:20pm
Happy birthday, Sukay! You could expect a big big big big speech from me, but i'm busy right now, i'm on google. Wait, to much information. >> You know what I mean. =D

I'm not sure if this has the music on it or not, but try looking at the pic with IE.

Bye Sexhay hor voice!
tom111 Satokasu Suki
Sep 2, 05 5:31pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Suki, as promised the stamp I made for you with the picture you wanted, hope you like it.

Tell me on MSN what you think of it. Have a good day and go easy on the cake.
Mike The Poet Satokasu Suki
Sep 2, 05 4:20pm
Today is the day we commemorate the moment where, 17 years ago, the birth of a girl took place.

That girl, a baby at that moment, could not be predicted to be the nicest person the world would ever meet...

Today is your birthday. You are a marvelous, wonderful friend, and no other could replace you. The friendship I share with you, I cherish, I would never want it to fade away. You always have been a great person, and you're a fantastic friend, always there to help others, and always forgiving me for my mistakes.

Today, I wish to thank you for all you've done, and wish you a happy birthday... I wish the best for you, I wish you all the good times in the world.

With my most sincere feelings,

Happy Birthday to You, Victoria.
DCRage Satokasu Suki
Sep 2, 05 2:10pm
Alright, it's finally that time! Means I get to dig deep and pull out all those birthday presents I've got for patient, this could take a while (lol):

(This next one took me quite a while, maybe because I was trying to multitask while doing it. )

I even made you a birthday cake:

And of course it wouldn't be a birthday without this one:

Have a totally wonderful birthday, you deserve it more than anything! Here's hoping you get everything you wish for too!

I love you so much and wish you all the best in the coming year! *hugs & kisses* Make the most of it because you know what happens next year! Until then!
stibul Satokasu Suki
Sep 2, 05 1:00pm

Happy birthday ^_______^

Eat up
kittykat820 Satokasu Suki
Aug 30, 05 4:54pm
Awws I wuvs the kitty stamp!Thanks for signing my gb.Now i'm here to pwn yours..hahaha *coughs*
*gets some water and drinks it* hahaha

Dragon Tamer888 Satokasu Suki
Aug 27, 05 11:16am
hi i found more pics lol

lol kelala if she wher human/ half demon XD

if she was real this culd be shasshomarus girlfreind...or mom XD

sheik08 Satokasu Suki
Aug 23, 05 6:19pm

Heh, just got a new stamp and went on a signing spree, see you later. =D
guitar gurl Satokasu Suki
Aug 23, 05 1:57am
1st stamp:

and dont forget ANIKIN ROCKS!!

2nd stamp:

and dont forget, ZELOS ROCKS
Kilik 64 Satokasu Suki
Aug 21, 05 1:46am
Say hello to my new set of girls-in-bikinis stamps! Enjoy!

Chroma Satokasu Suki
Aug 13, 05 9:34pm
helloooo!! Lei-chan with her ultra-sugary goodness here! I've come with expressions of love!

Now for a strange series of Events! ;3

<_< >_> pssst.....I took his lucky charms

Now take this!!

See!!? tinkerbell IS a ruthless MURDERER!!!

Now I must bid you adeau.... See ya soon Suki-chan!

~Lei-chan, signing out!~
tom111 Satokasu Suki
Aug 13, 05 7:28pm
Thanks for the great signing Victoria. No here is my image I quickly made to stamp back.

Have a good day Vicky.
sheik08 Satokasu Suki
Aug 12, 05 11:20pm

I know you like this....

Have a good one, babe.