Luigi Number 1 Satokasu Suki
Jan 21, 04 10:54pm
Hi! I saw that you signed my guestbook, so I'm returning the favor. You seem like a very friendly and fun person!

It seems that we both like the same kind of games. I like your avatar, and your name is very unique. ^^

Well, I hope to see you around the forums!

*Luigi Number 1*
UltimateLuigi Satokasu Suki
Jan 21, 04 10:28pm
Hey Suki,

Here I am signing the big G-Book.
We should start PMing eachother again, eh?

Anyway, I heard you were thinking about getting neomarried to Browniesman - Good Luck.

Seeya later, Dudette,

Dr_ Oetker Satokasu Suki
Jan 19, 04 12:12am
i forgot my stamp!

is your refrigerator running?
-yes it is!
Chaos Master Satokasu Suki
Jan 18, 04 8:20pm
My prediction was wrong. Now I own him for two months. Rolling on the floor laughing my fricking ass off and my sides hurt like hell.
toku Satokasu Suki
Jan 18, 04 1:13am
Hi it's me "toku" (I put those quotes there because of course that's not my real name) and I just wanted to say hi and tell you some things about myself like I have my own top 10 favorite anime shows, video games, and top 5 favorite manga of all time. 1st I'll tell you my top 10 favorite anime shows and they are: all purpose cultrual catgirl nuku nuku in 10th place, love hina in 9th place, excel saga in 8th place, yu yu hakusho in 7th place, trigun in 6th place, ruroni kenshin in 5th place, shaman king in 4th place, lupin the 3rd in 3rd place, inuyasha in 2nd place, and in 1st place is outlaw star. I don't want to waste anymore time so I'll just go sraight to # 1 of my favorite manga and video games and my favorite video game is FFXI and my favorite manga is one piece
Elite Satokasu Suki
Jan 17, 04 1:15pm
Yup, it is me who owns Chaos . Life is made up of difficult decisions, unfortunately he chose the wrong one ^^.

See ya round the forums,

Peace out dudette
natsu Satokasu Suki
Jan 17, 04 7:47am
look's like i,m not the only girl here anymore. I,m 19. Cool to meet ya. I,m kinda of the flirter here with the boys. they adore me. well,see ya! If you don't alrdy know, i,m a bounty huntress and i go to school so i,m very busy.
FireFly53 Satokasu Suki
Jan 17, 04 5:01am
Thanks a ton for signing my guestbook...again:P. Yea, I haven't signed your guestbook in a while either. As a matter of fact, I haven't signed yours since I had less than 100 posts! And you were the first person ever to sign my guestbook - I'll never forget that;)

230 PMs? Ha! More like 800-1000! Yea, ironic, two quiet kids speaking up a storm.

Thanks, but I don't think I'll get the mod spot. It's no big deal, and I don't really want to make one out of it. I'll just have to hope for the best when the opportunity comes around again.

Yea, I usually have a lot of things to talk about on NeoPM.

Oh, and btw - I talk with you more than any of my other NeoFriends^_^. I wonder what it'll be like when we takl live on AIM or MSNo.O^_^

Well, see you around the sonic heroes forum!

Oh, and I figured I should start making images on paint and stuff, like you. You're always coming up with banners and avatars, which are always amazing. Eh, so I spent 3 1/2 minutes making this(It sucks, I know:P):

Wu kingdom Satokasu Suki
Jan 14, 04 2:48am
Thanks! and how do you beat the team with the bee. i hate this characters thing don't you? so do i hahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bash Boy 54 Satokasu Suki
Jan 13, 04 5:20am
I finally have another guestbook entry. Thanks I was starting to think that nobody liked me. Anyways yeah I'd like to be neofriends!
Dr_ Oetker Satokasu Suki
Jan 12, 04 10:32pm
you dont know me, but i know you.
thats right, every forum that i visit drops your name in the most positive way there is.
so i tought id say hi and try to meet you!
well... i took the first step, hope to see ya later !!
Gribbz Satokasu Suki
Jan 4, 04 3:11pm
Saw you signed my Guestbook, so im returning the favour . I hope to Be a regular in the Sonic Heroes forum, And im glad to meet you
Thank you for the greeting. I glad that you signed my guestbook and I'm hoping that we can become friends. I'm also glad that you like Pokemon as much as I do. By the way if you have Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II and the modem adapter we might be able to get online and start a team together. Charliepig wants to start a team with me and he asked if I could find more people to start a team with. Even if you don't have PSO that's okay we can still be friends and I hope that your New Year's gets off to a great start.
Titiy 1 Satokasu Suki
Dec 29, 03 11:28pm
Hi suki, titiy here. Because browniesman is at the hospital i'll sign your guestbook for him too. I know he would say " I love you" and other love stuff because he's always talking about you at home and he's getting on my nerves. anyway, if he loves you it's his choice. You are nice, I know why he chose you . I'm sure he would say "have a nice day or night" so have a nice day or night.

~ titiy, the little bro of your neoboyfriend browniesman( browniesman is at the hospital)
CRaZyKiNkYbOi Satokasu Suki
Dec 29, 03 1:13pm
wow wuta long profile..i can neva rite anything dat long...well thxs for signing ma guestbook so it couldnt hurt to sign ur 2..well good luck gaming
super trunks Satokasu Suki
Dec 28, 03 2:02am
hey suki,
thanks for signing my guest book
since my guestbook didn't have anything in it

Browniesman Satokasu Suki
Dec 27, 03 6:39am
Hey, I just sign your guestbook because...


I am lucky to have such a sweet Neo-girlfriend

I hope you will continue loving me, because I will never stop loving you
Beatles4Ever Satokasu Suki
Dec 23, 03 10:33pm
Hey! Thanks for signing my g-book...

So, you can tell I'm a Beatles-freak... I try to make it less obvious, but that never has really ever worked!!

I'm glad you like my avatar... George was, in my opinion the cutest of the Beatles, but they are all cute in their own way... I like your avatar too!!

Well, I will see you around!
Auria Satokasu Suki
Dec 23, 03 3:52pm

Hey Suki, thanx for signing my guestbook, and thanx for saying I'm nice hehe ! You're really nice .

Yea, we could become neobuds, that would be kewl .

Congratz on you and browniesman neodating, his poem is soo cute, and sweet lol.

Spectral Satokasu Suki
Dec 23, 03 6:27am
Thanks for signing my guetsbook and welcoming me to my the Mario Kart forum. Yeah Paratroopa and Yoshi indefinitely do rock, you'll see! :D:D

Well I'm gonna go...if you have msn messenger, add me! Well cya!
Don Green Satokasu Suki
Dec 22, 03 9:47pm
hey thanks for signing my guest book. sorry I didn't sign ealier, I just checked. Any way, see you around in the Mario Kart DD forum!!!

Luigi88 Satokasu Suki
Dec 22, 03 9:28pm
sorry i havent signed your guestbook yet, well whats there to say, your the nicest person i have ever talked to in the world, you bring everyone happy and your one of my biggest friends on neoseeker, its always nice to chat with you since you always bring good discussions to the table, well see you around the mario forums
Browniesman Satokasu Suki
Dec 21, 03 5:20am
Hi, I sign your guestbook because I love you Ah, a smile... You like smiles right? I found one. He's cute

Here it is:
Browniesman Satokasu Suki
Dec 20, 03 7:58pm
Hi My love!!

I love you so much, I have made a Poem for you Nice avatar!

Here's the Poem:

Poem for My sweetheart

Satokasu Suki
Maybe she does love me,
But now I don't know why,
She's important to me

Suki is my Sweetie
I hope she does love me
This poem is for her,
Because no-one's sweeter.

I will make her happy
To her love I won't flee,
She's my Neo-girlfriend
I'm her neo-boyfriend.

Could this happen in real life?
Maybe she could be my wife?
Of course I would love to,
Maybe we never know.

It took me about 2 hours finding what to say. I am not very good at poems, but well, I tried.

I love you

chaoman Satokasu Suki
Dec 20, 03 9:11am
hullo satokasu suki,

nice meeting you

have a happy new year

you have nice avatar too

rouge is cool


from chaoman