hey thanks for signing my gb of course ill be ur friend sorry about me putting one of my pics on ur thread oh well i deleted it

just pm me if u wanna talk
as u see im a huge fan of inuyasha
LOL Just as the title says, I'm on a signing spree. ^^ On neofriends' books of course.

>^^< meow!
Submitted by: Alishye on March 24, 2004
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Your ultimate marriage guide for free
rating: ---

Now first you need a bride. They are either Celia,Muffy,or Nami.Then after your first year you will have a child. Name him a cute name so that your loving baby will be a unuiqe individual like your charecter. Now depending on your wife your baby will be differant.Namis is not afraid or your dog.Muffy's and Celia's are very scared. now when they get bigger and get their own room ....SELL ALL THE TOYS.....then they will grow into a professional................well it depands on your friends....my children are 2 farmers and 1 artist and they all love me exept muff's baby who is out of line and meen to you. Now after all this your game will end badly.YOU DIE WAAAAAAAA will be your wives and son's reaction....unless you marry muffy who does not care plus your son runs away..ok thats is..if you need any more information send me and e-mail ok.

is this review really true, b/c i married muffy and i dont want to have made a mistake
ive just come to say hello because you love anime like i:)

Heya, thanks for signing my guestbook! Now I'll sign yours back. I've seen you around the Tales of Symphonia forum a lot, especially since you mod it. You do a good job of modding.

Don't have a stamp to give, but ah-well. See ya around the forums then! Laterz!
Hi! I saw that you signed my guestbook, so I decided to pop in and say hi. My banner and avatar are ones that I made, and the series is Soul...Soul something. I forgot! ^o^ 40 windows is quite a lot, your computer must have been going really slow. Did you see that handy new thing in the profiles? It shows which forums you moderate. Hmmm...that wasn't here this morning...well please drop me a pm sometime, or else I will drop you one. I just hope I don't forget, because I have the memory of a turnip. >> I hope you like yaoi, because that's what most of my stamps are all about. =D Oh, and I like your avatar and banner too. Chobits! *grins* Chii...

Air, Earth, Fire, and Water! No matter where, we all love Duo and Heero. Have a great day!

Im soo sorry that I havent been on the Forums in a long time...... I'll meet you at Harvest moon:A wonderful life forums when you'r on

And thanks for the BEST picture anyone has ever given me!! Im soo glad!!
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook I love BoA she's the best! i love her!
and the songs i like..
all of them but the few i like a lot

-Rock With You
-Jewel Song
-My Name
-My Prayer

etc.too long

Oh yeah and you have been...
Well, since we're friends, i want to sign. You are a very nice and funny person. See you around
fourth time signing, thank you for my banner, and thank you for your kindness towards me when I had first arrived, thank you for your help, and thank you for being my first friend, I'll never forget you, thank you for everything.

but remember........

BARNEY ROX YOUR SOX OFF OLD SKOOL STYLE!!!!!11 your GB has been clensed of my past defilings by......

Well, I thought I'd just stop by and sign your guestbook.

Oh, and here's one of my favorite stamps--enjoy!

I havent signed you'r guestbook in a long time!! LOL!!
well STAMP!!! for being the greatest Nee-chan ever^_^!!!!!
Hey there Satokasu Suki! ^.^ Thanks for signing my Guestbook again. =p And ya da RP is pretty fun and kinda funny to, dont ya think? lol XD Well anyways, talk to ya later. Byes! ^_~


Hiya sis! Here's my one and only Neo Friends Stamp.


Hey, thanks for the information about tales of Symphonia. You're a really good neofriend, and I hope you don't leave Neoseeker.

See you around, and sorry If I don't have any stamps.

Signed by,
Thanks for signing my guest book! Now it's my turn to sign yours! Oh, and thanks for all the nice things things you said, I try to be nice to everyone I meet! I hope to get to know you as well!

See ya round!, You've been stamped by

Rose of Chaos
hey hey rouge fan sorry no rouge stamp yet
Im baaaaaack

stupid chracter limit another stamp for you hope you like it

I noticed you signed my guestbook... I don't look very often, cos I'm not that popular anyhoo, I like to think, we're friends now, as we've been PMing alot... so...

Do you reckon that's enough...

You know you're the first person whose guestbook I've stamped...
I loved the quizzes in your neohome! Here are some of the results I got:


I'm not nerdy, am I? J/K, although I never really had an interest in dinosaurs..

Which anime character are you?

Which Inuyasha character are you?

Wow, you got Kagome, and I got Inuyasha! We're almost opposites.. or maybe the same?

What sign of affection are you?


Gah, I'll post more later. Great links though!

By the way, I've already beaten the Crimson room. If you liked that, though, you'll LOVE The Mysteries of Time and space. Talk to you soon!
You have been stamped by...Andross2000.

(srry, my old banner wasnt posted well)

You have been stamped by
If I AM ever on Harvest Moon threads, it would rarely ever be me. My sister uses my account for HM: AWL disscussion. If the post is strange and unthought out, it's not me. If the post has detailed description, it's me! Just to let you on that.

I'm not that big of a fan for Mario...it's just the Nintendo mario logo...but instead of 'Nintendo', it's Andross2000. I just thought it would be creative. Then, the counsle logos on my banner represents the counsles I have. And the background is a blown-up picture of a Matrix computer surrounded in stars...
I don't really like mario.

You have now been stamped by...
I think I saw u sometimes and I just saw u in someone's GB so I decided to drop by and say hi.

Hope ya like the stamp.
Will you sign back?

Signed by,
Hey! I'm here to sign your G-book, so here are some Stamps.

Your G-book is the first to get that Stamp.

Thats one of my VERY favorites.

Well, I've stamped you now.

First off I would like to say thanks for signing my guestbook. Why? Well you gave a signing that is definitely worth reading and above most signings that I see here on Neoseeker.

Yeah, you'll do a great job moderating the Tales of Symphonia forum, which I will visit everyday since the game seems to be one of the greatest games on the GameCube.

Well I guess I'll be seeing you in the ToS forum, and don't you need to worry about me since I'll be a good little girl there.

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HAHA!! YOu"re better than me!!
That's damn right you are better.