Hi, reading your sister's guestbook signing, it means your birthday was recently. Well Happy Belated Birthday! I know I signed your GB before but I have a new stamp and I am on a spree. I'll catch you later.

*Still Wanting to go to Canada*
Hiya Suki! Thanks a lot for signing my guestbook! Neofriends? Sure, you can be my neofriend. Just drop by a PM if you want to talk.
Okay then...STAMPAGE!!

See ya around!
How was your first day of school?

Sorry if I don't sign your guestbook very often... I'm just too busy sending you PMs!

I love you tons and tons, sweetie!

Guess what? I'm on a spree with my newest stamp.

Take care of yourself...and eachother.
Always wanted to say that.^^

Stamped with Love, By Sosai X

There, that should be enough. Now you have Chobits pics to go with your avatar and banner. Enjoy!
That other pic isn't showing up, so you're getting another one!XD

You gotta love those two!
Yes, I know i'm late!;-; Still, I hope you had a wonderful day. Did you get lots of gifts? Maybe there was some money thrown your way?XD Well, i'm giving you some nice pics.

Yes, it's everyone's favorite "couple", Hideki and Chii. As you can see, they are having one of their moment, and I know you love those.

And here we have a nice group pic from Naruto. Don't they all look so cute?^-^ Alright, two signings in two days or so, I think that's good! By the way, nice talking to you. Enjoyed it, now, i'm outta here! *vanishes like a super ninja dude*

I'm so sorry your B-day Stamp is late! Well to make it up, here it is anyway!:

I'll always love ya sis!
What's up? You're probably wondering why i'm signing your guestbook. Well, it's because I can, got a problem with that? I also got a new stamp, and you should have it in here.

"What were you doing down by the river?! Fondling her yum-yums?! BUNDLING HER CUPCAKES?!!!" -- Mochon (FLCL)
Yeah this is a GB signing Spree=^.^=
Random people only:thick:


~Love you lots Sis~
[color=blue][size=1]Damn right the Fire Marsh*** wanna shut us down
Get us out so someone can gun us down
We was two songs away from getting some cutta
Now we one song away from tearing da club up
Move over! Luda got something to say
Do it now cause 'tomorrow' ain't promised 'today'
Work wit me! let's become one with the beat
And don't worry bout me steppin *** over ya feet...

Hey, I'ma on'a signing spree. Using Rhyme's everything from Rap to Dr. Suess! Here's a stamp.

Hello again.

Just wanted to know what the InuYasha-Loving-Looser did today. j/k

You didn't go online on Neoseeker today, nor did you come on MSN, so I hope you'll have a good reason for that. ¬¬

Anyway, no stamp for you this time, girl. I went a bit lazy lately...

School's beginning in already 12 days... I already made a countdown, so I'll be ready when all starts again, but I even haven't got my school books yet. ><
Aww, interesting thing to talk about, eh?
Then again, everybody loves school! XD

By the way, I really like your Chobits avatar and banner theme (finally a non-Inu theme! ^^). You look a bit asleep like that, though. XD

So, good bye, and see ya next time!

Your guestbook has been stamped by...
Guess what! I'm on a signing spree!

Please sign back! ^^

It was your birthday? And I didn't even know! I'm so sorry, I guess this is a belated birthday wish. I hope your day went okay, and that you got lots of prezzies. ^-^

Have a good life...hope your day went alright.

Oh, almost forgot...how old are you now? You don't have to reply if you don't want to (I'll be glad to know anyway)


~You got pwn3d...~
Happy Birthday!!!
We don't talk too much but when we do it's always good to talk to you. You're a really nice person..!
Here's a stamp:

Have a nice day...!

Well I'm not the first nor the last so here I am saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Have no birthday stamps but stamps sis. Here they are:

If only I live closer too you I could of gave you a real birthday present.
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Satokasu Saki,
Happy Birthday to you.

Man I love talking to you, your so cool and happy and nice. Thanks for being my friend and have a great birthday.

ps. No stamp because I suck at making them.
My guestbook has now reached twenty pages! Here's a celebratory stamp as thanks for participating:

Cheers, and all that happy hoo-haw!
hi suki! how are U ?!

anyway, i'm signig cause it's you birthday!
happy birthday! YAY!!

okay, here's the present i told you about!

my new stamp !!

(oh what a present... =P)

anyway,i'll see you later ! and again happy birthday !!

Heyas sis! Here are some Stamps:


Made by my dear Neo Sis Kittykat820.

Buh-bye sis!


Your very sweet, and thankyou x
Guess what? I'm on my signing spree again^^ This is one of my lastest stamps.. Sign back if u want^_^
See ya;)

Yay! What a marvellous guestbook! ^^

Anyway, here's a new stamp. It's bigger than my first one. *lol*

Just keep breaking the rules at ToS! j/k