It's actually good. It's not flawless, far from it but is nice especially if you got this idea all by yourself

Super... read more

As much as I hate the way Sonic is going (Shadow with guns now Sonic with a sword?) Sonic does look pretty baddass... read more

sonic has a sword. awesome!!! >.< nya! awesome read more

re: Ashe'

kawaii! ^7^ awesome! great work sasuke-kun! ^-^ read more

wow! thats awesome! ^-^ I can see why it took the whole night to draw! that must have been difficult! amazing. read more

That's too cute! I sure wish I could draw hands! read more

I can draw, but compared to you, I apparently cant! read more


that is really good!! you have alot of talent sasuke-kun! read more

thats is so cool! The mission to retreive sasuke. Thats really cool. Sometimes you have to work hard to acheive your... read more

thats really good job well done read more

re: Aile

that is so awesome! When I saw that I was like, "holy fish crumpets!" that is really awesome sasuke-kun! read more

WOW AND AWWWWW! I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read more

re: X

thats really cool sasuke-kun! the depth brings your art to life! read more

thats awesome sasuke-kun! you have real talent! read more

thats really good don't worry about the naose at firats look i didin't realise he has a circle on his nose i only... read more

that is amazing but you copied it off another picture i have a picrture of naruto like that in my pictures but that... read more

COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read more

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE NOSE LOOKS FINE TO ME! I CAN PROBABLY DO WORSE! read more

thats awesome sasuke! i wish i could draw that well. keep drawing! read more

thats a great pic sasuke! nice job! read more

re: Sonic

thats an awesome drawing of sonic sasuke-kun! great job! read more

your drawings are so full of life sasuke-kun! great work! read more

re: Grey

thats pretty good! ^-^ keep on drawing! read more