hey,guy did not get me wrong but I draw better and you do best pros characters in the shadows could be partners XD /read more

This drawing is great! How long did it take you to draw it? read more

re: Kairi

No they are definitely not. I like the picture, but it's very squished, and her hands messed up. If you make her... read more

Lol wasn't this your old avatar? read more

Estuans interius
ira vehementi
Estuans interius ... read more

Heh heh... You called yourself an angel... *bleep* =P read more

so awsome! GREAT JOB! *winks and flashes peace sighn* read more


You havn't changed a bit my friend, have you gotten better at your drawing? i have 2,it is wonderful to speak to you... read more

Amazing pic. Congrats for anyone who made this. read more

Very nice. It looks like it came out of the game! read more

re: Sonic

Awesome. Got the shading right on. read more

Nice pic!It's the one from sonic and the black knight isn't it? read more

re: Kairi

the fingers on the end are messed like beyond heck. are they like that in the manga? read more

This is a realy good drawing!! I wish I could draw like this.. read more

thats cold but da head looks a lil to big read more

Truly incredible. You did an outstanding job! read more

re: Ashe'

Aw! tat is kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read more

re: Kairi

Whats up with the fingers? read more

thats amazing i actually lk it read more