dragocavecodes Sasuke45
Mar 22, 10 7:06am
Im thanking you for being the first to make me feel welcome and a good friend may your post count get higher and higher,
Thank you. Dragoncavecodes

Shadowstar96 Sasuke45
Aug 28, 09 7:54am
You have been stamped!! Thanks for all the awesome PMs, you are beyond fantastic.;D

(Credit to Cloud Me for the stamp)

Love ya!

Dreamer Sasuke45
Jul 13, 09 7:08am
in your face! you have been stamped by me!

little kitty kat Sasuke45
Aug 26, 08 8:20am
we have the same birthday! I'm just randomly going from peoples friends pages, i dont know why but its passing time and i noticed we have the same b-day! how weird is that!?
kittin_love Sasuke45
Jul 11, 08 12:30am
Ha! I have signed your gb. now you have to sign mine. Yes. I am doing this to all of my friends. I just am. I know I'm bored but this is entertaining.
andrew051396 Sasuke45
Jun 23, 08 5:09am
How the *bleep* do you have -113 *bleepin* posts
OH ya hi
You sound cool
so I was forced to sign this
So Sign *Sign* *sign* Sign
DeadAssassin Sasuke45
Oct 29, 07 3:54am

u got stamped by dead assassin!
frag 4 ever!
slipknot rulz! all the clans that i am in rule like heck just broke lose!