Im thanking you for being the first to make me feel welcome and a good friend may your post count get higher and higher,
Thank you. Dragoncavecodes

You have been stamped!! Thanks for all the awesome PMs, you are beyond fantastic.;D

(Credit to Cloud Me for the stamp)

Love ya!

in your face! you have been stamped by me!

we have the same birthday! I'm just randomly going from peoples friends pages, i dont know why but its passing time and i noticed we have the same b-day! how weird is that!?
Ha! I have signed your gb. now you have to sign mine. Yes. I am doing this to all of my friends. I just am. I know I'm bored but this is entertaining.
How the *bleep* do you have -113 *bleepin* posts
OH ya hi
You sound cool
so I was forced to sign this
So Sign *Sign* *sign* Sign

u got stamped by dead assassin!
frag 4 ever!
slipknot rulz! all the clans that i am in rule like heck just broke lose!