I played a bit of it last night before I went to bed. It's not bad and I enjoy it, but the only... read more

Just need a U.S. release date so I know when I can start ignoring all of my friends for this.

Also... read more

As long as there is a US release I'll be fine with this, though I was hoping for a sequel.

Also it... read more



Best Original Game of the Year

Destiny (great concept but poorly... read more

quote Omar
quote Sasuke45
Waiting for them to announce the apology DLC for this apology DLC.
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Waiting for them to announce the apology DLC for this apology DLC. read more

What? No, not even. You're completely ducking the whole point. Fighting games have usually been on... read more

quote Shinobi_razor
its not a big deal for non PS4 owners cause the inevitable Super versions or...
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I want to know how this Cross-Platform play will work. How will Capcom be able to keep things fair... read more

If you loved glitching through France in all of it's buggy glory, you're going to love our new... read more

I read the Persona 4 Ultimax section, once I saw the Chie's husbandos I thought

"Damn these guys know me so well" read more

I agree with Duncan on this.
It's total horsecrap that they couldn't get it working, there are... read more

If SEGA wasn't full of so many bad decisions we'd be getting Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 on PS3.

But I'll wait. read more

quote Huntereb
Another Android gaming device that no one will own.

Seriously? Does anyone know a...
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quote GlancingReverse
As one of the, like, ten people who liked DotNW, I'm hyped for the Marta...
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I'm sure even the movie will be glitchy, gotta keep that AC authenticity. read more

quote DedValve
Plot Twist: The future is the virtual world created by seneschal the creator and it...
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Assassin's Creed and Battlefield have gotten heists before GTA did.

Rather than "delaying" them,... read more

If it were cheaper then sure, but 30 bucks is a bit pricey for something that holds money. read more

What kind of corporate satanic ritual was involved to make Mystic Artes preorder bonuses.

By the... read more

Capcom just proves themselves to be the worst day by day.

They probably did this because their... read more

quote bluexy
Man, I know Tomb Raider had a rough time with profitability, but this is a rather...
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Brb flipping tables.
There needs to be a collectors edition so I can drool on it. read more