Brb flipping tables.
There needs to be a collectors edition so I can drool on it. read more

No wonder the ctOS app is barely working.

Not connecting to players. read more

quote IcarusAbides
quote Sasuke45
This lowers the chances of the series going multiplatform, unless...
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This lowers the chances of the series going multiplatform, unless EA refuses MS' bribe check this time around. read more

quote Largerock

Just... Just why....
Just let it happen.

I've always considered playing one of... read more

Season pass?!

These words, are they even possible to use in a sentence? read more

Is it strange that I'm considering buying it, even though I already have Golden? read more

Yeah this better not be another prequel.

Hush and Azreal were the main reasons I was ready for... read more

quote Tenken
I'm just having a hard time being excited for Titanfall. Mech based multiplayer was...
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quote bluexy
Sasuke45 Woops, how did that get in there...
Of course this happens I watched the... read more

Seeing this makes me realize how badly Respawn is getting screwed over by Microsoft.

First the... read more

quote derricklaw1
EA made a huge mistake taking the exclusivity bribe money and I'm sure Respawn is...
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My current OUYA is currently collecting dust, which saddens me.

I just haven't had a reason to play... read more

I don't wanna buy another Vita

But I hate the current battery life on mine. I might as well do it,... read more

I don't even think this has happened in a fighting game before

Well not that I know of, I've dealt... read more

This would be cool and all if it wasn't pretty messed up to begin with.

The Overwatch helps a... read more

I was kinda upset too, but it gives me a reason to keep playing my PS3 when I get my PS4 read more

quote Tommy Vercetti
All I ask for is TLoU for PS4.
Heartbreaking news then

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I'm still banking for a Dragon's Dogma sequel. My VGX wishlist is pretty out there

Tekken X Street... read more

The fact that Ghosts was even nominated is insane.
I'm sure plenty of people can say they didn't... read more