...Hi. Now goodbye.
What's on my mind? ...I have no idea.
Have to leave Neo. For good. I have made too many enemies and hate certain mods (Especially the ones involved in KIU's banner). So... Bye.
Mods on terribleponies tumblr dont know other peoples tastes. I feel bad for mb pony now, TP mod Citrus.*inb4 this update gets posted there
Upset right now. Ignoring the KI:U forum and some other forums until further notice.
I just saw the "new" (Actually, old) banner they put up in the Kid Icarus: Uprising forum. I don't like it.
The friendly neighborhood redundant redundancy girl is back at the moment. So... Hi
Neo, Serebii, Fanfiction, NaNoBlaMo, UghFAQS, PokeCommun. I'm WAY too over the map. Not to mention I'm inactive in a lot of those places.
And some weeks later, I realized smilies don't work on updates like these.
*Facedesk* What should be seen is not obvious by a certain random girl's eyes :shifty:

Why is it that when new people come on to this site, they randomly friend people they don't even know? Especially if that "friend" they just added is useless in some form (As in they don't do something the newbie likes doing).
Seems there has been some trolls in Neo lately...
So u know Screw Attack right? Kid Icarus: Uprising? I don't think they played the game if they think Dark Pit's stupid. Coming Later: Uh...
Topic of the Day: Sapphire's Lake of Rage (There's no red Gyrados in this one!)
I'm not a fan of talking about a roleplay over pm. 'Nough said.
When things are private, THEY ARE PRIVATE. Especially if the party pooper is a guy from Gamefaqs. And I DESPISE Gamefaqs.
Yes, I haz strange/stupid updates. Sue me
(Stares at older status updates) ...What the heck happened to me?
Is it me, or does activity on Neo pick up at night?
My Reaction to MKDH: Its hard to deal with a guy who complains about your favorite game. End of story.
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