Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday Sapphire Dragon!

Good Luck on doing your Book/Movie/PC Game
I'd play the game if it came out
uh....um......Well since i need more characters....w00t FOR .HACK//SIGN!!!!!1!!!?!!!
I am on a mission to sign everyone on neo's guestbook. I am doing this in hopes you will sign back.

You are sign #19 of the mission
W4@+ r u ^ 2? I finished my new stamp and I'm signing your GB with it! HA!

See you around.
I'm just doing this because I have a new stamp now.

Like it?


Heya, im on your friends list so ill sign your guestbook......obviously
How'd that happen so soon?

Anyway, I'm signing this guestbook whether you like it or not.

you have also just been StAmPeD(although I'm not competing with those dragon pics)

Okay, I only really met you properly a few day ago, but your already a good neofriend, so i'm signing!

And also because you like Spyro and you seem kind.

Um....anything else? I don't think so.

Thanks for being a good friend, and bye!
I just met you and I already like you! Not just because you helped me out, but because I think you're cool.

And, for finishing touches....
No bad language? Awww...

Anyway, thanks for the *bleep*in' fabulous birthday present, it was *bleep*in' awesome! Also the first *bleep*in' Neo-present I ever *bleep*in' got! *bleep* yeah! =P

I'm adding you to my Neofriends list, hope we can be great friends!

*bleep*in' Stamped!

Yours *bleep*in' Neoseekerly,

P.S. *bleep*
Hiya Sapphire_Dragon.

Just being friendly and signing your Guestbook. Alias, I don't have a stamp right now. But I'll come back and stamp once I have one. Ok.

Feel Free To PM anytime, Sapphire.

See You.

~Fairy Girl~
Whenever I clash with a dude/dudette on Neo, I always sign their respective guestbook. Anyway, hey!!! I'd stamp you if I knew how.
Well I've put a stamp together with my new PHOTOGIMP so I thought I would finally pay you back for signing my guestbook.

Oh and as for your question, I got my avie off some random site online. I forget what it was called. I saw it and just decided on the spot that that had to be it. I asked the owner of the website and then I put it on