Castlevania games are really fun, and this game is, too. CastlevaniaPortraitOfRuin DS
I never actually owned an Nintendogs game, and since Labs are one of my favorite breeds of dogs, then this is the one I want. NintendogsLabradorandFriends DS
One of my favorite Final Fantasy games (next to VII). FinalFantasyX PS2
My favorite Crash Bandicoot game. CrashBandicootWarped PSX
This game is really fun, more people should have it. UmJammerLammy PSX
Not as good as FFX, imo, but still a good game. FinalFantasyX2 PS2
The DragonQuest games are all great, and number 8 is no diffrent. DragonQuest8JourneyOfTheCursedKing PS2
This game is addicting! I love it! AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
Top-notch dialouge and a great story, this game is awesome. HotelDuskRoom215 DS
A really fun game, one of the best rythem games EVER. EliteBeatAgents DS
This game is fun but insanly hard! But still, I thoroughly enjoy it TraumaCenterUnderTheKnife DS
I love these Oddworld games OddworldAbesOddysee PSX

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