Castlevania games are really fun, and this game is, too. CastlevaniaPortraitOfRuin DS
I never actually owned an Nintendogs game, and since Labs are one of my favorite breeds of dogs, then this is the one I want. NintendogsLabradorandFriends DS
One of my favorite Final Fantasy games (next to VII). FinalFantasyX PS2
The DragonQuest games are all great, and number 8 is no diffrent. DragonQuest8JourneyOfTheCursedKing PS2
My favorite Crash Bandicoot game. CrashBandicootWarped PSX
Not as good as FFX, imo, but still a good game. FinalFantasyX2 PS2
This game is really fun, more people should have it. UmJammerLammy PSX
This game is addicting! I love it! AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
Top-notch dialouge and a great story, this game is awesome. HotelDuskRoom215 DS
A really fun game, one of the best rythem games EVER. EliteBeatAgents DS
This game is fun but insanly hard! But still, I thoroughly enjoy it TraumaCenterUnderTheKnife DS
I love these Oddworld games OddworldAbesOddysee PSX

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