RHJ44 SandStone
May 1, 09 2:31am
so, i really liked your anime photo's, and i thought i'd sign your guestbook. i've been signing a lot of guestbooks lately...........huh....well, i dunno.. just remember to sign mine!!
Kirby123 SandStone
Jan 9, 09 11:51pm
hi sandstone this is kirby123! i like the pics in your gallery they are nice! i hope you sign my QB.ignore the rest;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
AsianChun SandStone
Dec 30, 08 4:03am
hey this is my first guest book signing but you dont mind if i add you as a friend on here, and hope 2 brawl sometime. Oh and i have to meet the requirements to sign so just ignore the rest oh this XD....,...........
Element91 SandStone
Oct 18, 08 3:01am
Only known you for not even a little bit. ._.
PichuRocks SandStone
Sep 8, 08 10:49pm
Just wanted to say thanks for the sig