Thanks for the Hardy header

I'll use it most of the time.
Hey, I thought I would sign your guestbook. I am kind of on a stamping spree anyway. Hopefully you will sign mine guestbook back but whatever. Oh, by the way, I am glad you like Umaga. I think he is cool too. Anyway, here is the most awesome ever layed on my human eyes.

Yeah, I know it looks cool right?.........right?
As I promised I will sign your guestbook, hopefully you will see from my stamp why I ask other people to do my sigs and avatars.

I don't know you but her is a stamp anyways.

Thanks for the sig ( The Avvy didn't work )but anyway the sig is still cool !

Hey man. Like i promised i'll sign you guestbook i don't go back on my word.

Thanks alot for the header it's great. This is the least i can do for ya thanks again mate cheers.
Hey I just wanted to say thank you for making that banner for me. It's a kick ass banner. Could I add you as a friend? I'm gonna roll, thanks for the kick ass banner!

Thanks for the RP Header mate, may use it soon.
Cheers for the banner
I feel sorry for oni_hero
He did a good job but I'll be using yours for a while
Because it has a good view of the today championships plus my name in the corner.
Thanks again!
thanks for the twe header so i'm gonna sign your guestbook.
Hey man thanks for that awesome MVP banner and avatar. I'll use it once I figure out how to insert it lol. Once again, thanks and have a nice day!
hey thx for the RP thing wit Goldberg and Trish

Hey dude, thanks for the awesome 'Taker avatar. Have a thanks stamp.
yo thanks for making me those awesome avatar and banners there awesome man thanks again for the avatar and the banner im gonna use it after i get the minimum length of 125 characters which i bet is now
Thanks for the cool booker T avatar.

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Cheers for the roleplay header you made me and this stamp.Cheers

Thanks for my Undertaker RP hearder for NCW, I really appreciate it! So as promised, here's a stamp!

He is great
He is magnificent
He is amazing
He is
hi thanks for the avatur but there is nothing for me to put here as i hate the limit on these things which is why i dont sighn them but thanks for the avatur Samoan Spike ok, bye bye sighn mine if you can maybe.
Yo yo thanks for the banner. Hope to hear from ya, dog. So wassup? Not much I'd guess..but you know life's life. I'm just gonna babble to meet the minimum length of 125 characters, so uh how about this damn weather huh? Catch ya later
Thanks for signing my
Im returning the favour with my new stamp:

See You Around!
You signed my G-Book so I signed yours. Here you go!

I know it rocks!
I am bored so i am going round signing peoples GB's SO

thanks for the banner here is a stamp:

sighn back if you can
Thanks for the guestbook signing. Happy Holidays to you, things have been going great for me. See you around the forums.

Thanks for the sign here a stamp The Animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!