Sonic and DBZ 4 Eva Sambora
Apr 7, 06 9:57am
*hits with 7 stamps*

Rikku Chick Sambora
Dec 22, 05 5:58pm

Awright, have a great Christmas and New Years and Boxing Day! <3 If someone ruins it, then just hit them with a mop x333

Gah gah *has to find something to stamp GBs with* T_T;


Anyway, yeah.. like, chill out for the holidays :3

Frawm teh Jewlzeh~~
Rikku Chick Sambora
Jul 13, 05 2:38am
Heya! I'm on a lil' signing spree XP I'm going around to all my fwendiez, and you happen to be on of them ^^;

Anywayz, have fun n rawk on! Seeya somewhere around MSN or Neo! ^^

Baiz! *Waves*

*puts stamps all over her XD*
Sonic and DBZ 4 Eva Sambora
Jun 14, 05 6:52pm

There we go i finally made a new stamp. ^-^
Hope you like it.
HIFK Sambora
May 16, 05 1:56am
well i thought to sign your guestbook back.. so im returning the favor.. well thanks for the hot pictures! holla at your friend, HIFK!


heres my stamp.. enjoy my sleeping beaty..;D

Rieko Sambora
May 12, 05 12:29am
.... That Spike is soooo freaking best so just to remind you how JÄTTE BRA he is,
here is a pic of him^-^

Drool all you want *grins*

Skulldarknessdragon Sambora
May 11, 05 9:49pm
Hi thought i would sign your gb sign back or pm me if you want to.
Rikku Chick Sambora
Mar 26, 05 7:22pm
*is on a signing spree*

Have a good easter, my friend. Dont eat too much chocolate though!

*waves* Cya 'round neo! bai bai!
apple_tree_three Sambora
Mar 7, 05 4:35am
i don't really know you... but i love to sign guest books!

Rieko Sambora
Mar 2, 05 8:41pm
You know my birthday is coming and cause I'm a nice person I decided to make you a list.
So you can just give few things from this list, I know I'm so modest so I don't need anything else^-^

Hey don't chase him too much, I don't want him to end up jail again...

Well River... you might have some problems finding him and also with that next guy...

But since I don't think he's dead so you might not have to go so much trouble...?

Have you noticed that we like old men? Hmmm so here's a younger... actually he's older than us...

Foxy Lade! If you give me Jimi I don't need anything else^^

Ha haa I know you don't like Adam, but still this my list not yours!

Who is this fellow? No idea...
and another one? Why is there my name? Who is this fellow.... no idea....

Sorry I know my list is missing Petteri Nummelin! But I couldn't find any good pictures *cries*
and I was gonna add Axl Rose but I had some difficulties finding good picture of him with clothes on... ha haa...

So you just pic three from the list and I'll be happy^-^
Rieko Sambora
Feb 24, 05 4:20am
I know you love Keith
You know I love Keith
And we both know he's HOT ^-^

Larn Sambora
Feb 16, 05 1:34am
Thanks a lot for the cool and funny stamp. Garfield is really cool!


Life's a fight, let's keep on battling!
Rieko Sambora
Feb 14, 05 5:10pm

Ha haa luuserï^-^ No ei vaiskaan oot mun oaras kamu!
Aki Sambora
Feb 14, 05 5:11am
Lisää suomalaisia Neoseekkerillä , ajattelin kirjoittaa tänne jotain... pääsi ajatus unohtumaan.
Magilicotti Sambora
Feb 10, 05 11:24pm
Hehe! Yaahoo!

I got to be the first to sign your guestbook! Just wanted you to feel welcome here at Neoseeker!

Alas, my stamp isen't working, but here's this!

A Mithra Ranger from Final Fantasy XI. I..*clears throat* don't know why she's getting undressed, but it's great artwork none the less!