A home from home I believe, eh maybe not... No where near a good poet or anything like that, but I try and well, some of them become successful.

But anyway one thing I learned about life is that it is always trying to screw you in some way or another.I've come to realize this in many ways to be honest.These "screw ups" did not hinder life in any way, but someday they might and it is certain trouble.In a feeble attempt to stop them, I have learned that you must accept fate no matter what may be the outcome,whether they may be good or bad,we must accept it no matter what.

Another thing I realized is that friendship may seem feeble as well no matter how strong the bond may be. There will always be one thing that will be able to tear this wonderful thing apart, so learn to embrace friendship for what it truly is.Though, there may come a time when that bond will be broken and you must learn to accept that instead of wallowing in your on sadness for that is not how to live life.One might want to find a way to restore that bond, but some win and some lose in that facade.

Life is a wonderful thing and should not be wasted for anything.However, people do not realize that.What you all have now is the joy of being able to wake up and live life for another day.Though it may change in any second, you must cherish the time that you have now and not spend it by wishing that your own life will end for that will all be a wasted attempt.

As a final note, sadly it seems is that in this era of life, we face complete conflict in this world. It is sadly coming to the point where we cannot trust one another.Is this what humanity asked for? Is this what we have accomplished in billions of years on this giant ball of dirt and water? Will there ever be peace in our time? The only thing we can do is hope, only hope for a better tomorrow in this war-set time. Or will human greed be the end of this world?

Only time will tell...