It's funny how small moments can put you in a happy mood for the whole day :D

I don't know if this is the right place but anyway, I know you're supposed to use the PIN code you get with the packa

Looks like I just hit 5k posts
So if I was to change my username what would be a good idea? I wanted Kun but that's taken :( Also mega Latis but we already knew that. Thoughts? Can't wait to see Beedrill :D

I rly wanted to talk to a girl on FB but couldnt find the courage to start a convo. 30 mins later I go to say hi and shes offline :( I suck

Title says it all, IVs etc don't matter. I have a lot of HA Pokemon I can trade for it. Tell me what you want and I'l

Oh smash bros, how I have missed you
Oh now I remember why I hate loungin
Even if we didn't get independence, I can be proud that my city made the right decision and voted yes.
I don't think I've got any Scottish friends here but if I do... VOTE YES

So I'm thinking of trying special Infernape but I don't know what the last move on this set should be: Nasty Plot

So after seeing the Megas which have been intorduced, I think that the E4 are all going to have Megas. They all now have some

Sign up :P _Welcome!_ _.:Mafia - How it works:._ In a mafia g

I've been trying to make a really powerful OU team, and after a while I think I've come up with something that at lea

So apparently in FUT 15 you will be able to loan players. What's your thoughts on this? I'm not too keen on it myself

First day back at school yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...
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