Then stop being awesome so I can mind you.
Wow, I haven't battled competitively for about a month and now I'm total shit
It's been 5 years since I joined Neo. Surprised I've actually stayed this long XD
Anyone who is genuinely having relationships on Neoseeker is *bleep*ing stupid. I can't comprehend half the shit I see here sometimes...
*bleep*ing Neo is full of drama wtf is this

Title says it all. Notify me if you can help. If you don't want Mewtwonite X for it then I'll see what else I can do.

I'm looking for a Landorus-Therian with good IVs and nature (adamant preferably). I can trade a 6IV Heatran with Modest n

Danshi koukousei no nichijou is definitely the funniest anime I've seen :D
FIFA sure brings out my inner fury XD
I use the XD face way too much XD
> Alpha and Omega > Greek Letters > Greek Alphabet > Alphabet > Letters > X/Y = Letters KALOS CONFIRMED!!!1!!!11!!!
One month to go until the World Cup :D

I have a shiny Ampharos and I just checked it's Hidden Power and it's Ice type, which is one of the best Hidden Power

I have quite a lot of HA Pokemon ready to trade and also have some breed able, such as Lileep, Cranidos, Slowpoke, Elgyem, Ch

Soul Eater Not! anime is out if anyone doesn't know :D
Neoseeker hasn't been working properly on my phone for weeks :(
Ugh, Neoseeker is being all broken

I've been testing out this new team on PS and I feel like it's decent but there's definitely something not quite

Aaaaaaaand myneo is broken again
And it's all-terrain dummy!
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