Chronixx's music is the best thing about GTA no joke
It's funny how small moments can put you in a happy mood for the whole day :D

I don't know if this is the right place but anyway, I know you're supposed to use the PIN code you get with the packa

Looks like I just hit 5k posts
So if I was to change my username what would be a good idea? I wanted Kun but that's taken :( Also mega Latis but we already knew that. Thoughts? Can't wait to see Beedrill :D

I rly wanted to talk to a girl on FB but couldnt find the courage to start a convo. 30 mins later I go to say hi and shes offline :( I suck

Title says it all, IVs etc don't matter. I have a lot of HA Pokemon I can trade for it. Tell me what you want and I'l

Oh smash bros, how I have missed you
Oh now I remember why I hate loungin
Even if we didn't get independence, I can be proud that my city made the right decision and voted yes.
I don't think I've got any Scottish friends here but if I do... VOTE YES

So I'm thinking of trying special Infernape but I don't know what the last move on this set should be: Nasty Plot

So after seeing the Megas which have been intorduced, I think that the E4 are all going to have Megas. They all now have some

Sign up :P _Welcome!_ _.:Mafia - How it works:._ In a mafia g

I've been trying to make a really powerful OU team, and after a while I think I've come up with something that at lea

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