kittykat820 Saint7515
Mar 10, 05 1:55am
This is my new stamp.Pwns right?lol
Here ya go...
kittykat820 Saint7515
Feb 12, 05 7:48pm
Well i'm here wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day

XxSquall_LoverxX Saint7515
Feb 5, 05 7:32pm
hey, awesome icon...awesome likes, & awesome profession! i hope to be an actual professional actress someday...

you seem pretty cool. pm me some time [and be sure to add me if you ever get a livejournal]. <3
Jan 1, 05 8:41am
Happy New Year Saint7515 and a Late Merry Christmas.

Sign my guestbook please.If you want,you can.


DQ Maniac Saint7515
Dec 16, 04 7:27am
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

SephirothFX Saint7515
Dec 13, 04 4:37am
Heeey its been awhile since I've been to neoseeker again. I still remember the tension in that heated discussion we had in that FF7 thread hehe

I'll cya around dude ^-^
icecavern1011 Saint7515
Sep 30, 04 3:13am
hey ive seen you around the FF8 boards so im signing your're pretty good at the Who Am I game uh well i guess ill see you around there
bLuE_PiNaY_LvEr Saint7515
Sep 29, 04 11:42pm
One of them random signings...

Please sign &/or pm back if you don't mind...

Signed by Moi,
_Shinigami_ Saint7515
Sep 14, 04 8:50pm
Hey there, I've seen you around the forum. So I thought I would sign you guestbook. ^^"


Skaterstar57 Saint7515
Sep 4, 04 7:31pm
Guess what! I'm on a signing spree!

Please sign back! ^^

The Buzz Saint7515
Aug 30, 04 4:53am
Thanks for signing my guestbook. Its good to see a Saints fan (i believe), but go Titans, woot woot.

Samurai Warriors owns too.

*bleep* white ppl
Colonel Option II Saint7515
Aug 22, 04 4:31pm
That can help you with putting pictures up on your neohome. I don't remember it right now, but as soon as I get back home and up anr running....(which could be a while at this rate...), I will send you a PM with the link.

It's a great site, and it helped me out a lot. I mean, it actually comes across as me knowing a lot about computers, the way I have things set up. (But you will find I am a person with many deceptions! Hahahaha)

Anyways, it sure has helped me a lot. "HTML" is sort of weird, but if you have a good site to check up and refresh your skills, then it's not so bad.

Alley Bagget, mmm, yes. My favorite modle, just because she has an overall great body, and most of all because the way she expresses things on her face. But I'm sure you got some of that from what I wrote.

Oh yeah, and if you read most of my Homepage, then you deserve a pat on the back or something- I'm always worried that a moderator or something is going to bust my ass becasue there is so much there (...), or maybe I would get banned because I made someone get ill from writing so much crap.

But it's nice, and thanks for the compliment about my Neohome.

*sigh*, I havne't been able to post on neoseker for like a week yet, and only now do I have some time. Getting your monitor to fade out at a critical moment, and then not getting another monitor until the day you have to be somewhere else isn't very "user friendly". But hopefully things will get back to normal. (Or at least settle down)

See you around.
And I won't forget about the HTML site.
It has helped me a lot.
c0m1ng 3vil Saint7515
Aug 21, 04 9:44pm
Sorry it took so long to sign back, I've been kind of busy. It's been cool chatting with you in the forums, too. And... well, sorry about putting you out of my neohome so much. You can have this pic, even though I don't know what it came from.

Its pretty cool, huh? Well, I'll see you around.

signed by
DQ Maniac Saint7515
Aug 21, 04 6:51am
Hey, thanks for helping out my bro for finding the Tomb of the Unknown King. See ya around!

- Mike C.
Final_Fantasy_Fan2 Saint7515
Aug 14, 04 2:19am
Its so nice to see someone who appreciates the wonder of *drool* Squall.(drool again)

You're an interesting person, and i've enjoyed conversing with ya on the forums

Its nice to have someone (sometimes...) back me up on Squall *and the Squall/Rinoa relationship*

And that comment you said
"if I knew squall personally you(FFFan) and Rikku Chick wouldv'e already gotten his #"
that was so sweet!
Thanks Much-Feel free to pm, im, Msn im, me anythime

Enjoy the Pics!

Nice one eh?

Rinoa again


Heres a really good one too

InuYashaFan123 Saint7515
Aug 9, 04 7:04pm
Hey! Just droppin' by... to say hi. I'm just gonna rhyme... this time. And if at this entry you should look, you'll know I have signed your guestbook!
I know my flow's sloppy, I know that it's crude, but this rhyme is the best I could do for you. Well, take care, I'll see ya around, make sure your feet never leave the ground!
So concludes the signing of your GB, by...
ChocoboLuver724 Saint7515
Aug 7, 04 2:09am
Hey, thanks for singing my Guestbook. And for signing mine, I'll sign yours. Talk to ya soon in the threads!! Oh, and chocobos rules!!!
~Chocobo Luver 724~
PN01 Saint7515
Aug 7, 04 1:26am
Just signing your Gb cuz you signed mine, thanks. Here...

P.S. I know that stamp isn't working, hopefully NURV will be up again:(
Cascade7 Saint7515
Aug 6, 04 5:47am
I'm signing for no particular reason.
Take the stamp...

You partially deserve it.

~ I can die in peace now ~
SquareEnix gamer Saint7515
Aug 6, 04 4:15am
wooooooooot first to sign where's my cookie well anywayi'll see u around neoseeker just PM me if u wanna talk see ya

SEG was here