Metal_Chains Saint Malice
Jan 26, 04 12:07am
I saw you around the Pokemon Sapphire forum. (duh your the mod) and came around to sign your guestbook for doing a good job. I will sign again once i get a stamp. C ya.
BlueSoul Saint Malice
Jan 13, 04 4:36pm
Hi, you dont know me, im just signing peoples guestbooks.

~this will have to do until i get a stamp of my own.

Please sign mine too!

Double Decker Saint Malice
Jan 10, 04 7:23pm
Your a really good MOD for Sapphire Forum, so I thought I shoud sign your guestbook. I like your Avatar and I like your control of forum power. You seem like a great guy and a cool Neofriend.

Double Decker (DD)

P.S: I like your Mauville Gaming Club thread, it was great!
mihaitrunks1120 Saint Malice
Dec 31, 03 8:43pm
^ Have a leet ass 15th B-Day ^ ()

quote Ultimate duelist
BTW, howcome you didn't remember yesterday was my birthday?
It was? Well then;

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Diego,
Happy Birthday to you!

Little Miss Magic Saint Malice
Dec 30, 03 9:23pm

Hey I've seen you around and noticed it was your birthday so came to tell you to click the stamp and have a good one! ^^

LMM xox
HiToKiRi_BoY_BaTo1 Saint Malice
Dec 12, 03 4:52pm

You are now under protection of Ascaris Obsidia, Matriarch of the Daemonhunters. May the divine intervention guide you in all of your battles.

Synik Saint Malice
Dec 6, 03 1:15am
Hehe, no pun intended, just heard that clever thing from someone and I couldn't resist.

Hmmm getting quite talented with those banners eh? If you need any pointers you know where to come

P.S. A late congrats but good job on JakII
Megacool999 Saint Malice
Nov 25, 03 4:13am
Hello, I'm signing your Guest Book.
Now please sign mine back.
Here is my Stamp:
Signed by Megacool999.
Iscariot Saint Malice
Nov 18, 03 11:30pm

.from a // friend »

Sorry about the last one. The image got messed up by the bandwidth nazis.
LifeVirusForte Saint Malice
Nov 16, 03 3:12pm
Heh I just thought I would drop in after our little event last night. If you read this it means you got out of hell. Good job man you broke free of us lunatics. Well good to talk to you adios.
Well done on your moderater job and I think you are a really good mod
keep on being happy (if you can that is)

this is from
Megacool999 Saint Malice
Nov 6, 03 3:31am
Hey sign my Guest Book sometime.
Here is my stamp. .
Octarine Skye Saint Malice
Oct 29, 03 6:43am
You have been stamped in a suitable faceless fashion. It's all your own fault for agreeing to mod alongside me

Ultimate Gogeta Saint Malice
Oct 28, 03 5:40am
Hi, congrats on your mod spot for PKMN Sapphire.

Here's a stamp:

Mister MacPhisto Saint Malice
Oct 17, 03 9:56pm
Jack The Bandit Saint Malice
Oct 12, 03 9:37pm
Are you talkin' about the pro's for snowboarding? Nuh-uh I taught 'em that!

Anyway you da mod,man.You da mod.

God I hate that stupid 125 character crap!

Mister MacPhisto Saint Malice
Oct 3, 03 12:16pm
Figured I'd leave you with this...

Beshead Saint Malice
Sep 13, 03 4:07pm
Ultimate thanx for pointing out how u get
s-tec youre a great help to people who just started the game so thanx agen


PS:Why are most people here American?
Quetzalcoatl Saint Malice
Aug 19, 03 8:14pm
Hello freeeeeiind!!!!! Your a great person and I like the way you help people (That is a reason I signed your guestbook)... Your a cool freind.

Ps: So you live in California too!!!!
navyblue89 Saint Malice
Aug 10, 03 10:30pm
hello ultimate duelist, i liked your bert banner and avatar, but i fiund the banner homosexual since bert and ernie were sucking each other, Bert for President! Sign my guestbook, and like kim possible says," please and thank you "
orangeoval Saint Malice
Aug 7, 03 11:52pm
This is orangeoval signing ur gb. Well, jus wanted to thank you for all the things that you have helped me with and hooking me up with the dope banner. Thanx again

Saint Malice
Jul 26, 03 1:36am
Hey what up yugioh player thanx for teaching me how to make a ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok banner that u helped me with turned out to be the best banner i ever made thanx again man. This man is the best at making banners. I think

Chris da killa
Mave Zero Saint Malice
Jul 14, 03 2:51pm

Yup. Thats how much I care. LoL, just joking. I see you arounf the cooking forum alot, and you seem like a really nice person. Hope to see you around the forums!
Mave Zero Saint Malice
Jul 12, 03 10:55pm
Master Mind Saint Malice
Jul 12, 03 10:41pm

I just had to do it. Well, it's great having you around. You are well respected in my eyes. I hope you stay around for a lot longer. More people like you are needed. Anyways... Good luck in the future, however I don't think you'll really need it.