alphatyrone Saevus
Jul 9, 05 7:15am
Where do I start? Yeah, I'll skip the end. Fight Club rules. Best movie of the 90's and my favorite of all time. So...where does that leave us? Nowhere. Right in the *bleep*ing middle of it.

Han Ning Saevus
Oct 30, 04 3:57am
Hey man, I remember you ever since I started in the DW forums, back when you were tht. I think your funny as hell and I wish you'd come around more often. Oh, and

Shana Saevus
Nov 16, 03 4:56am
Oh no, Nat's going on one of her saddistic guestbook signing thing. Geez, where the hell have you been? It's been like a month since you've logged on. Well, it will be in an hour. Meh, I miss talking to you. Stuff's changed a bunch.

Nat ^^
Tricrokra Saevus
Sep 16, 03 3:16pm
I wonder if there'll ever be a remake with your beloved Virginia?
Maybe... On TBBS she was on my avatar for a very long time... Thanks for that cute version of her you posted in my guestbook... Can I use it as avatar someday?
Samus2 Saevus
Aug 13, 03 1:59pm
Hey there, I've seen you around the MOH Rising Sun forum (back in the days when it was busy) so I've decided to sign your G-Book.

BTW, where did you get that pic you had in your banner? I swear I've seen it before.
Angelic Serenity Saevus
Aug 10, 03 3:43am
I've seen you around the General PS2 Forum I mod^^ Hope ya have fun there!

You have been stamped by the very annoying Stacey.
syner Saevus
Aug 7, 03 6:33pm
You really nailed down what was good about the game but more importantly where some of the headachs are, your contributions are appreciated . Look forward to seeing you on the forum. syner
rpgaction Saevus
Jul 27, 03 8:38am
For a sexxy banner you get sexxy ladies in your sig

You've been stamped by

Sexy ladies

__________ __________ __________ __________
RockmanX Saevus
Jul 19, 03 7:13am
i liked your banner so i thought i would sign your guest book i have seen that full picture some where before you hentai baka
anyways your ass has been branded with this picture

Courtesy of The Kramer Klan
Ben85 Saevus
Jul 16, 03 9:35am
Just thought I'd sign your guestbook like a dude, so erm..peace out homie

P.S you could always sign my book if you want.
Jooka Saevus
Jul 1, 03 7:02pm
Hey Mate Just thought I would sign your guestbook.
You are a good Neoseeker member.. Glad to have you hear.
Hmm, We share the same interests in games dont you think?
Anyway, Nice being here

Sign Mine Back Click Here
timgta2002 Saevus
Jun 24, 03 1:40am
Hello, I have seen you post all around neo and thought it would be nice if I signed this. Arent I nice? Yes, I know.

Gold_knight_blazer Saevus
Apr 12, 03 11:12pm
I could have sworn I had signed this before... Oh well, maybe you just deleted it... Well, just saying it's been great being in the WA3 forums and you're a great mod. Too bad those forums seem to be past their prime so soon...
Alfredblade Saevus
Apr 1, 03 5:29pm
Gust want say thank you for helping me. I useual delete my threads once there not needed anymore. But I keep it uo it could be help someone eslse later. Peace Out
DW3 FAN Saevus
Mar 31, 03 2:56am
Hey I just thought I'd sign your guestbook. Who is that pic. of in your avatar? Are you on here often?

Anyways See ya around the forum.
jok Saevus
Jan 16, 03 6:36pm
Hey, ummm thanks for signin' my guestbook, it was "nice". And thnkyou for all the help you gave me. You seem pretty cool, see ya in the WA3 forum.
lil Captain Bitch Jr Saevus
Nov 1, 02 3:11am
. you like doggys?
mt tummy hurt an i had gramna takse mr to the hospatil an doctor made mr feel dope again:# . i can walk to mcosdalds an put whiskey in mt shamrock shahke
Shana Saevus
Oct 19, 02 5:30am
Hey! I think we're pretty good friends now, so... holdiness! Lol! Ha! That was funny, and I hope we do something weird like that real soon again! Pop-tarts!

-Shana =)
Amourette Saevus
Oct 3, 02 4:29am
Stamped with love! Amor Omniam Vincit.
LtLeen Saevus
Sep 21, 02 6:26am
Its nice to see some new faces....
This isnt the place to give you a history leson.
I hope you post often and mabey even join the eternal meo.

Dont count your gais befor they hatch
XsLashEr325 Saevus
Sep 1, 02 11:53pm
hey, good to see somebody around the socom forum who actually knows somewhat about the game and its nice to see somebody who isn't actually causing any trouble. Your a good man, hope to see you around sign my guestbook