I am a Scottish student doing Interactive Media design at Dundee University. I am not the typical scottish person and as a few people have asked scottish people are infact not technologically impaired. :P
My life is based mainly around my friends but since they live in villages or towns they dont have to go far to see each other...I on the other hand live in a field, quite literally. But this gives me this opening to play games and watch anime and go on forums. But I am a friendly person and would love to make friends and talk over msn. I have noone apart from my brother to talk about games and hes getting a bit sick of me talking about FF.


I love Final Fantasy in my opinion it is the best game series in the world. But thats just me. I am looking for big FF gamers like me to discuss various things. My absolute favourite game is Final Fantasy VII. It was my first ever game and I know almost everything about it which is kinda sad XD.
No really ask me any question on it. I want to find something I dont know.
I have played guitar hero a bit which is fun but I am no expert. My bro plays FPS and makes me play them but I die...a I never play them alone and reluctantly with others. Besides there is more (much much more) to games than shooting people. Zombies is ok...which brings me to my next interest! Resident Evil! Its an amazing series with great characters and cant wait till 5. And last but not least I love the metal gear series. The plot is genious and its the best stealth game ever. I also like Zelda series! Its just fun and use my head more. I also like the metroid series (another good nintendo one) navigational skills required for that one.
Another one of my fave things is anime and manga!! I like Gundam(especially Zeta),Elfen Lied, Outlaw Star, Rave Master, Cowboy Bebop, Deathnote and want to get into Bleach...looks good :P
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