The Gospel of the good news :)
Brilliant value for money. TheOrangeBox PS3
Another great FPS. Deep and intriguing story. BioShock PC
Awesome. There hasn't been a R&C game that's disappointed me. Essential PS3 game. RatchetandClankFutureToolsOfDestruction PS3
Uh yeah, weighing up options.
Takes some getting used to. Will occupy my time before GT5 ForzaMotorsport2 X360
Tense. What Resi 5 should've been. DeadSpace PS3
A good action game with a HEAVY fighting engine. RobertLudlumsTheBourneConspiracy PS3
Not perfect, but the style is brilliant. Very atmospheric indeed. MirrorsEdge X360
Best in game story telling ever. A must for those into deep, atmospheric stories. IndigoProphecy PC
A great PC fps. Really used to play this alot. Halo PC
Fast, frantic, and the best racer on the GC hands dowm FZeroGX GC
Not very deep, but fun for quick bursts. WWEWrestleManiaX8 PSX
Decent for a 2002 title. Not so great now. ProEvolutionSoccer2 PS2
Very very deep, I played this for years until I mastered it. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
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