KewlSyrup Sa_X
Jul 31, 08 6:13pm

Hope you likes, now sign mine before i smack you witha waffle covered in ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KewlSyrup~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nintengirl Sa_X
Feb 03, 08 1:58am

I love you so very bleeping much!

Please take care, & hope you like my stampey

-Nintengirl, Michelle: Your sis!
duker nuker Sa_X
Mar 05, 07 6:33am
Hey whatsup siggy me back if possible, have fun
hailey5415 Sa_X
Mar 03, 07 4:20am
hello and i hope you have a great time in neoseeker,i have.i'm very glad i could sign your notebook. how do you put a pitcher in your name thing

please sign mine
Redalert501 Sa_X
Dec 25, 06 7:00am

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

It is officially Xmas in New England as of 1 minute ago!

Not the best stamp, but all I have is MSPaint…

Anyway, don’t forget to sign back!

Punk100 Sa_X
Nov 22, 06 4:45am
here is a stamp dont look like u got one for a long time pm if u whant more stamps
DonCar Sa_X
Aug 05, 06 5:51am

Well basiclly what I want to say is in the banner.Oh yeah I dont really like it because I did it in like 15 minutes.I am new to this stuff.Lol.Ok I think this is 125 characters now.Peace out, see ya around the forums
Azn_Applecake Sa_X
Jul 31, 06 8:01pm
I'm doing random signings so ppl will sign back, my guestbook is empty...

coolflame Sa_X
Jul 26, 06 3:21am

Good Game on MKDS! Hope you get better~
tracesupakriken Sa_X
Jul 21, 06 7:48am
wanna play on mph sumtime???? sign back or else...

animalxingwaterworld Sa_X
Jul 21, 06 3:42am
I willl suck out your brain with a... BENDY STRAW!!! BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Omega Hunter 24 Sa_X
Jul 07, 06 1:41am
You signed mine so I'll sign yours.
(Insert stamp here)

...Yeah, I aint good at makin stamps.....oh well, see ya around the forums!
canderson Sa_X
Jun 29, 06 3:45am
Hey Sa_X, thanks alot for signing my guestbook. I never seen you before. I hope to see you in the forums more often and we can be neofriends.

Sorry I don't have a stamp.
Thanks again for signing.
See you later.
Raikou376 Sa_X
Jun 23, 06 1:17am
Sorry it took awhile, but here's the stamp! You got PWNED by Raikou376!

Chewba1020 Sa_X
Jun 18, 06 7:58pm
Thanks for the stamp!!!

Oh sorry,I didn't mean to kill you!
bobotaco Sa_X
Jun 18, 06 4:24pm
hey seen u round ssbb forum thought i'd sign sign back alright?

hope u like
DonCar Sa_X
Jun 17, 06 8:32pm
this is my first stamp so here it goes

You have been oficially stamped and pimped out by DonCar13 yeah boi. see you on metroid prime hunters