how do u think I would play my DS games without this? NintendoDSHardware DS
fun to play with ur friends...I still do MarioParty4 GC
fun while it lasts! FZeroGX GC
fun to play with ur friends...I still do MarioKartDoubleDash GC
fun at first, collect everything and leave it in a corner SuperMario64DS DS
must-have, specially of the wi-fi feature MetroidPrimeHunters DS
fun at first, then BO-RING MarioKartDS DS
a must have strategic game! AdvanceWarsDualStrike DS
boring when u finish the game StarWarsRevengeOfTheSith PS2
relatively easy... finished in 8 hours MarioandLuigiPartnersInTime DS
good game, a must-have MetroidPrime GC
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