how do u think I would play my DS games without this? NintendoDSHardware DS
fun to play with ur friends...I still do MarioParty4 GC
fun while it lasts! FZeroGX GC
a must have strategic game! AdvanceWarsDualStrike DS
boring when u finish the game StarWarsRevengeOfTheSith PS2
relatively easy... finished in 8 hours MarioandLuigiPartnersInTime DS
fun at first, then BO-RING MarioKartDS DS
fun at first, collect everything and leave it in a corner SuperMario64DS DS
fun to play with ur friends...I still do MarioKartDoubleDash GC
must-have, specially of the wi-fi feature MetroidPrimeHunters DS
good game, a must-have MetroidPrime GC
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