pikapika22 SSpeedy
Dec 28, 07 4:00am
O RLY!? W3LL H3R3 R3-SPAM... god no it the 125 char limit why must it mess up my post
pikapika22 SSpeedy
Oct 20, 07 7:27am
hi umm well since im not shure how to do the stamp thing... um... ......... ......... ....... .................. ..... .... this is more like spam so im sorry for this also

Dont hit me....
the hansenator SSpeedy
Mar 17, 07 6:15pm
hey whats up! thats for helping me out on that certain website! see ya around! damn that minimum length of 125 characters!!!!!! ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Silver Chemecho SSpeedy
Dec 05, 06 2:39am
black doom SSpeedy
Oct 20, 06 10:46pm
Thats right I am signing your geustbook

Any way I have no stamps so...

"I am at my limit, I have no choice but to adapt a Sonic quote and fire the first the first picture of my neohomepages fleet"

"CHHHAAARRGGGEE, your light arrow"

I presume you know Zelda. I keep screwing up on my first attempts to sign.
black doom SSpeedy
Oct 20, 06 10:45pm
Thats right I am signing your guestbook

Any way I have no stamps so...

"I am at my limit, I have no choice but to adapt a Sonic quote and fire the first the first picture of my neohomepages fleet"


"CHHHAAARRGGGEE, your light arrow"

I hope you know Zelda.
monkeyrocker SSpeedy
Oct 14, 06 9:51pm
I,m Monkey called Dark One and he helps me figue out my dark past.me see my bio!shadow rocks so hard the name heavey metal after him!
Stitch SSpeedy
Sep 10, 06 5:21pm
thank you for signing my guestbook.

Mahalo! have a nice day!
Shadowgirl10123 SSpeedy
Aug 28, 06 1:46am
Thanks For Signing Me Guest Book.

Here Ill Sign Yours^_^


Crystal The Hedgehog SSpeedy
Aug 07, 06 9:37pm
Since you signed my guest book I'm signin yours.Since I don't know how to put pictures I'll just give you this website for a funny comic

wesler SSpeedy
Jul 25, 06 6:31am
hey sspeedy thanks for being the first friend i made here and i hope they make two more sonic sequells

beware my evil wrath ahh! get out of my head you evil gerble ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
pet dreamer SSpeedy
Jun 23, 06 7:49pm
thanks 4 singning my GB!! anyways, thought id give ur guest book some puppy power.......cute eh?

PM me if ya wanna chat thanks again!!

Takgirl2 SSpeedy
Jun 21, 06 5:55am
You randomly signed my guestbook, so I'm randomly signing back.

pikapika22 SSpeedy
May 14, 06 4:47am
hey whats up hope you like this pic
it's crule <a href="http://www.funnyjunk.com"><img src="http://pictureserver.funnyjunk.com/pics2/bleeding.jpg" border="0" alt="Funny Videos"></A>
<a href="http://www.funnyjunk.com">Funny Videos</A>
if it didnt come out wrighr let me know
Takgirl2 SSpeedy
Apr 16, 06 8:05pm
Hi there SSpeedster! Just taking a moment of your time to let you see this lovely Easter stamp.

Shadow_Fan_1 SSpeedy
Mar 11, 06 11:19pm
just wanna sign for no reason at all.im just bored to death at my house. anyways, ive seen you on some forums and it looks like im not the only one whose been mistaken for a guy. (srry no stamp) and sign my GB, and ill be sure to add ya
Sonic Hero SSpeedy
Feb 03, 06 7:27am
Hey SSpeedy. Umm... have I signed your gb yet? I have? Ah, well, I'll do it again.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Which is why I finally got a STAMP! Yay!

Well, gotta go. You keep dodging those bullets.

*Congradulations! You've unlocked a new playable character from the character select menu: Sonic Hero!*
Thors_Hammer SSpeedy
Jan 29, 06 1:56am
I really like you're Avy!!


2D SSpeedy
Jan 11, 06 4:13am
Hey, signing guestbooks randomley. So here's your stamp
pikapika22 SSpeedy
Jan 02, 06 11:02am
sorry about my long absence but merry late christmas and happy new year 2006 rocks!
so great luck in the new year andse yah around
Takgirl2 SSpeedy
Dec 25, 05 6:25am
Almost there.I'm glad I got this wrapped before tomorrow.Well,anyway,Merry Christmas SSpeedy!

Lizzo SSpeedy
Dec 24, 05 5:42am
Merry Christmas!

Takgirl has gone into the monkey alliance >_>

Akiva SSpeedy
Dec 22, 05 5:39am
Hey I saw ya around so i thought i would sign. Sign back!

simomatic SSpeedy
Dec 19, 05 7:55am
Seen you before in the SSBM forum. Your artwork is awesome and shweeeeeeet!

You are now officially one of my comrades.

And Merry Christmas.^^