well I'm 17 right now, I'm hispanic,play soccer, and have an average life thats all.

Neofriends who I talk to or just like brawling

Kenshuma(Ken):well people call him a nublet(don't know why) well anyways he has a really good pit, best on neo I think,too bad he retired from brawl =(
He also made the crew called Riviera and it's going good so far, a really cool guy to talk to just as long as your not in a debate with

Ellio:The brother of Ken also just as cool to talk with has a really good G&W and he can play the whole roster fairly good
He pops up out of nowhere sometimes and uses these Japanese words which I can't

Flareburst(Flare):Plays MK now I think and has really good Samus which I haven't played in a while, and he is my usual partner if only he could reply
He's cool to talk to also he helps me a lot with this computer stuff.

Zanshouken(Omega)(Zan):Well this guys is the one I talk to mostly in Riviera and is pretty fun talking to him.
He also Mains Marth and I don't know how he got so much better by watching Marth vids. which I'm also doing now.
Don't worry Zan you'll get to hear another one of my jokes. ;)

Shisui:he's really fun to do Marth Ditto's with and he taught me a lot for my Marth.
He mains Pit now and is still good with Fox and Marth.
Been doing some teams and FFA with him lately

Luwiigi:well he spiked Ken with his low tier dino and rubs it in his face almost all the time also the crew black guy for

Sullyone:He makes graphics now and is doing pretty good lately.
also got better at brawl since I first fought him but still not good enough

Kurasagi(Xeris):he's the brother of Shisui and I talk to him a little, he's the one that makes me want to get a PS3 and rubs it in my face

Checkmate(CM):he's in the crew Basic I think he may have the best Luigi on neo(sorry Lu) we also talk about random things through PM.

The Greatest None(TGN):also in the crew Basic well he's still training Marth I think and as most people already knows he wants Obama to
I also talk about Random things through PM with him.

Slicer(Slice):this guys cool and has gotten much better at brawl since when I first fought him, he also mains all 3 space animals and is just as good with each one.

well chances are my lazy ass probably won't update this for a while. XD


My favorite sports:
and also Working out alot if that even is a sport lol.


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