Anubis SRU_ Benji
May 15, 08 6:02am
Thought I'd sign a for a fellow H3 and Dead Rising player.

YeOldeBowser SRU_ Benji
Apr 14, 08 6:14am
Dude, I'm so damn sorry!!! Almost forgot, after so long!!!

S v R 2010 SRU_ Benji
Dec 06, 07 2:43am
Your added to my cool list now. Heres your stamp:

Hope you like cars!
The Duce SRU_ Benji
Sep 14, 07 7:31pm
This Post Is Long Overdue I Just Now Found Out You Stamped It But Thanks N NP N I Look Forward To The Banner,And Good Job Working IN G.S.S You Have Great Potential
Zeek SRU_ Benji
Sep 13, 07 9:13am
Hey your welcome for the map.

I know I signed a little late but hey its the thought that counts.

chill on this SRU_Benji:

Hope ya like it.
Stitch SRU_ Benji
Aug 25, 07 4:22am
You're welcome, dude.
And now, I'll sign yours.

Mahalo and Aloha!
Have a nice day!
Vapour Snake SRU_ Benji
Aug 21, 07 8:13pm

You've been bitten!

Ha ha thanks for the you tube comment. Also welcome to Neoseeker man. You've made a great choice in signing up to this Forum site. lol I've seen ya in the MGS4 forum. MGS4's gunna rock!

Now that i have tasted you, i hope to see you around the forums a lot more.