You are online very late Mister. ):
mega man is definitely gonna be one of my mains in SSB4
i wish i had the SSB4 demo...but i don't have a code xD
my avatar is truly fabulous now >:3
my avatar is faaaaaaaaabulous :shifty:
YUS Meta Knight is returning in SSBWIIU/3DS i still have a OP character to help me train for multi-player! >:3
annnd...i just realized the reason why so few people play MK8 online tournaments...two words: competitive jackasses XD
don't question my avatar...just like it xP

ok ok here is the most lucky and funny thing ever so i'm in first on Sherbet Land i get passed by Peach shell

*throws money at screen* nintendo shut up take my money and give me pokemon omega ruby now xD
Greninja is in Smash...i...i don't even...
oh my god i've been playing Pokemon Battle Trozei and its incredibly fun i can't stop playing it ;~;
Been Playing Sonic Battle...It's So Damn Fun xD
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