hey anyone wanna play SSB3DS with me? i'm not talking about final destination, 3 stock, no items no screw that i'm

srry i've been kinda inactive i've been playing mega man anniversary collection on gamecube because my brother gave it to me =^w^=
i'm playing as peach in MK8...i think i broke the universe guys xD
it is now my mission to put :3 at the end of all of my post :3
i'm most likely gonna keep this avatar for awhile so get used to it guys :P
Fantasy Life Y U SO FUN ;~;
anyone like my avatar? :3 i drew it myself it toke forever...my hand hurts from drawing it 3:
its 1AM...why the hell am i awake? xD
SSB3DS: You've fought 200 battles! Me: Well damn...i play this waaaay too much xD
playing smash right now :P
i can't stop playing Hyrule Warriors its too damn fun xD
You are online very late Mister. ):
mega man is definitely gonna be one of my mains in SSB4
i wish i had the SSB4 demo...but i don't have a code xD
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