sooooo...smash bros anybody? :3
that moment when everyone is talking about mewtwo in smash...and you remember you don't have a mewtwo code so you can't play as him...:|
am i seriously about to go online on smash Wii U and use the name Pichu4Smash?...yes yes i am B3
Me when Pichu wasn't announced as SSB4 DLC: *flips every table in existence*
chapter 7 on F-Zero GX on anything higher then normal difficulty = Hell
*gets back on after being sick* *11 notifs* ._.
welp i'm about to probably fight alot of emerald congalala in MH4U to be able to get better armour (yes i just did that :P) wish me luck :3
I'm more ninja than you
the forecast today calls for rain with a 50% chance of rathalos blood...heheh :3
that moment when you realize your good at playing as kirby in smash...THIS IS MADNESS I DON'T REMEMBER BEING GOOD WITH KIRBY XD
"SR THE HEDGEHOG WAS ONLINE ABOUT THREE HOURS AGO." Wow. Not even a hello. I see where I am on the friends list. ;'(
finally changed my avatar :P
i need to change my avatar...BUT I'M TOO LAZY xP
Plant Man is a poor man's Wood Man.
after looking for awhile i finally got xenoblade chronicles and my god...ITS SO DAMN FUN X3
hey guys I'M NOT DEAD :3 i'm finally over my sickness so i'm back :D
srry i haven't been active guys i've been sick for the past few weeks 3:
its amazing how in smash 3DS i can play EVERY character atleast decently even my worst character (luigi) is decent :P

hey anyone wanna play SSB3DS with me? i'm not talking about final destination, 3 stock, no items no screw that i'm

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