Born on a Planet named Reach., Raised by a Mage for 8 years. was kidnapped by the military in space, went through a series of tests that made me ripped, smarter, and faster. Worked with the Big Guy, Engaged Newbie Monsters in battle, Destroyed a Newbie Starship Fleet, Engaged into more Newbie Monster Mayhem. and now Currently living on Earth STILL engaging into Friggin' Newbie Monster battles this time with some help! Then later Engaged the Warlord of Newbie Monsters into battle, destroyed him with a Nuke, meet DAIDARAPACHI, Fought Evil, joined the Epics, and again fighting the Newbie Monsters, trying to destroy the whole covenant, but failing because of stupid newbies, Helped Dark Noxus fight the Evil Newbies, Joined Neoseeker and am still fighting The Newbie Monsters as we speak.


Culinary Arts, Anime, and Shooting newbies who THINK they can "PK OWN" me on Halo 2!!


When Injustice becomes Law,
Rebellion becomes Duty!

When Rebellion becomes Duty,
Hope and faith become Intertwined!!

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