Hmmmm... About me... Do people realize just how many of there "About me" things there are? like 1 in nearly every webpage? That's alot to fill out, so I'm gonna jusy C&P from my "Myspace" Profile. About me.... Well, since I finally decided to write something out for this section, rather than being lazy, here goes.... About me: The world hates me. It wants me to fail. That is why nothing ever comes easy for me. I always have to work for the little money I do have. and whenever somethign good happens to me, something else bad happens to me. I find a job, that allows me to pay rent for the month. And I have the job just long enough to earn the money for rent, then I get fired, screwing me over with a bad job history, resetting my unemployment benifits, etc. I don't have much, coming from a poor family, but everything I have, I've worked for. I'm a pretty hardworking person, when I'm doing something I like. Well, I guess I should write more about who I am and save my rantings for blogs, shouldn't I? Fine, here you go: I'm the kind of person that somehow manages to get along with nearly everyone. I can think of maybe... 1 person I have ever known that doesn't at least tolerate me. I'm funny when I want to be, I love having a good time, and hanging out with my friends. I'm pretty easy-going, and rarely do I ever get offended. I like to joke around and horse around with my friends. I guess, I'm what they call, "A kid at heart." Probably always will be. But, what needs to be done, I can be counted on to get done. I'm a reliable, trustworthy person, who's easy-going, friendly, kind, smart, thinks-too-much, and loves to have a good time. .....THERE! I FINISHED! HAPPPY WITH MY LONG ABOUT ME?!?! Good. Now shut up and quit bitching.


Favorite Games: Tales of Destiny 2, Star Ocean 3; Till the end of Time, Dynasty Warriors Empires, Soul Calibur 3 are my favorite ones I can think of At the Moment

Hobbies: Playing Video games, reading, riding my bike, talking to, and hanging out with my friends, and Most of all, Working on my story. (I'm an aspiring Author)


"It's not the great who are strong, it's the strong who are great" Albel Nox- Star Ocean: Till the end of Time

A True Swordsman is ALWAYS looking for a challenge.
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