lol olg game but still very cool PokemonCrystal GBC
i love all pokemon games PokemonDiamond DS
ace game but most the time i cba AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
am no good at it but awsome game GranTurismo5Prologue PS3
i always start a new game every time cos i keep thinking i can do better ZooTycoonDS DS
good 4 a few week a suppose CookingMama DS
pfft i really hate this game PersonalTrainerMath DS
2nd fav ds game of all time NewSuperMarioBros DS
ha it funny u talk to yourself while playing it Bomberman DS
luv it but my sisters son broke it :( TheSims2TeenStyleStuff PC
mint game. very funny as well lol WormsOpenWarfare PSP

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