I guess I should list all my neofriends here... even though you could just look up and to the left a little bit to see them there... oh well.

*sPYRO23: I made this guy's first banner, and almost made his avatar, but it wasn't cooperating very well. I also made a custom smiley for him.

*ITS_PB_J_TIME: I made her banner. She never comes on, but I made one for her anyway...

growlitheking: I made his first banner. He's also sPYRO23's friend.

Cheatergirl007: I made this cheater's stamp, banner, and custom smiley.

rolypoly: Well, I made a custom Link smiley for this Zelda fan.

*SHADOWLINK13: OK, this guy is just stupid. I don't know why he's my friend. I made this guy's stamp, banner, and custom smiley, and he's never grateful!!!

*I know this person in real life


I enjoy playing videogames... and, as you can probably tell from my geeky/nerdy name, I like Zelda games the most. If I could change my name, I would probably change it to stapled_cheese. I play the guitar... I guess... I'm also getting pretty good at using Flash... I'm also almost kind of good at making banners, avatars and custom smilies... so if you need one, I guess I can make one for you...*

I'm not emo!!!
*I am currently on a break from making any of those things... I don't know when it will end, I just know it could be awhile before it does.


Embrace your destiny or die!
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