my name is Andy Tepe I'm 18 years. WOOT! i like to play video games most of my days and i like to draw as some ppl have already seen. I'm hoping that my artwork will someday be in video games in the future. my future goal is to become a video game designer so that the world can see my ideas and thoughts. I have a facebook account if anyone is interested. more of my ideas are yet to be posted, so look around to see them. you'll no if they're mine or not.

BOOM I'M BACK AND HERE TO STAY!! i'm back with more ideas and stories for those who know me. my new nickname is The Scout Man. why you ask is because i'm beast at the Scout on Team Fortress 2. if you need some proof: well i killed 73 ppl in ONE LIFE as a scout. i've played as him for about more than 100 hours. i've also lasted about 40 something minutes in one life NOT IN THE SPAWN ROOM! also i like to bonk faces in!

-End of Biography-


video games, art, going on the computer, and pretty much eating and sleeping.
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