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  • "I LOVE THIS GAME.but i cant get pass the 12 lvl.where i need to download info from the computer.but cant get pass the G. HELP ME RainbowSix"
    que714 Nov 6, 10 8:20pm
  • "Not bad for a shooter. Commanding your other dudes and switching between them is a good feature. RainbowSix"
    JasonKaotic Jul 23, 10 3:48am
  • "one of the early 3-D games. if you look at it now it is almost simple but back then this was good stuff. RainbowSix"
    dragonite May 29, 09 7:47am
  • "fairly good RainbowSix"
    Wolfgang19 Jul 19, 08 5:07pm
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