missed it? i'm playing it right now collecting those cursed bottles in the japan zone and you're telling me there's... read more

quote Lollipopz12
HL3 has being inside you all along!
no that's just a regular crowbar man. during surgery i... read more

i don't know what the foreign puzzle means but it obviously belongs where the patient's liver should be. *grabs... read more

quote RabidChinaGirl
Happens all the time. There are people who get their jollies out of down-voting the crap out of...
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quote Crusad3r
Sigh... I think we need to go shoot these idiots censoring our games. Who's with me. We march to...
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quote Offended Lego Man
Not impressed.. What's wrong with Lego hair? I think the hair is the best bit about this...
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hey, watch it! what if some lego person reads your article and becomes discriminated

as a writer you can get into... read more

nice rating board you aussies have down under...

you ask them to rate vidya games properly to help people make their... read more

wow, to ban an adult game while having adult ratings enabled must be pretty serious. you'd almost start to think... read more

quote THM
quote Slash
quote THM
quote Slash
No thanks, memory cards are to expensive.
It's OK...Memory cards are kind of...
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quote Zombie_Barioth
[color=navy]Is someone seriously down-voting any and all negative comments about the Vita?
it's a... read more

quote Wakaman
I get what you're saying but we can't just ignore the problem and pretend everything is ok. Whether you...
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quote Willow Vampire
Maybe 'nobody' is challenging her because they actually agree with her main idea?
hmmhm, thinking... read more

it seems like we have an unidentified spanish word.. thing gentlemen.


thanks for mentioning it. it's a relief to hear that i'm not the only one. the first time i noticed this was... read more

interesting. ever since i updated to 4:41 both my ps3 consoles seems to have a problem while downloading games and... read more


it felt like the article missed this. you guys deserve a pat on the back. read more

ohhh, i know exactly what kind of platform i'll throw this game in and it's far from next gen i'll guarantee you... read more

but at least they still made it look like a grill.

an awesome grill at that. read more

^ it's challenging, i'll hand them that. before stronghold i only knew red alert and age of empires so you guys can... read more

for one sec i thought the thumbnail for this article was a sketch of the new ps4.
turned out i was pretty close. read more

another year, another rumor about the last guardian.

after 5 years like this it's just not gonna happen. the end. read more