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x5 for me now :3

it's just one of those songs. everytime i listen i hear something new. read more


i'm sorry, i couldn't resist ^^;
like bluexy said this the... read more

and when the timer ends: SURPRISE CANCELLATION!

jk. let's see what happens read more

reached level 10 on neoforums - "mad messenger" with 275 posts
reached level 10 on neoforums - "mad messenger" with 275 posts

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It's over guys. PS4 is doomed.

Sales of the other consoles in the Q
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If I choose a gamer tag called CEO, will it be appropriate for XBox...
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everyone if it doesn't work so be it but if it does even if it's just partly then consider it a... read more

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Reggie as a Big Daddy in BioShock Infinite's DLC.
ooohhh, you mean like a big reggie.

i say do it! read more

and you guys all know the good old saying: once you go black, you never go back read more

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Wow, you guys... Way to take something seriously. DVD players aren't region-free...
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star wars attack squadron.
kinda sounds like the name for a right winged group of neo nazi wookies to me.

...i'd play it. read more

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I considered leaving out the argument part, especially Beer's rant, because it's pure...
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i have no idea who all these people are but i already get the impression we're dealing with a... read more

australia sure is the gaza strip of the gaming community isn't it? we never hear some good gaming news from there. read more

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Activision and Blizzard are some of the oldest names in the business. I'm sure...
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There IS a great way to avoid having server issues in games.

Don't force...
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the psn users have nothing to do with it. this is top trophywhore only.
here, everyone look at... read more

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Better be making Half-Life 3...
Yes I really hope a bunch of...
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Team Flare seem to be missing the fashionable from their "strange and...
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This can only mean one thing...

Half Life 3 confirmed.

ha ha, if that's... read more

purple eclipse and worlds collide...

heh, call it a wild guess but what about ratchet meets spyro universe? fits... read more