he! he! all that pirated music was just taking up space for most of us gamers anyway >:]

less space... read more

hey look everyone call of duty has extinction mode now


where's call of duty dog... read more

see it from the bright side guys. at least it gives us all a good reason to clean the house... read more

well, games are a luxury item. why should ubisoft have it any better than everyone else in this... read more

got the ps3 version myself. you guys should have seen me being all pro in the helicopter... read more

i guess the chinese finally got tired of all the countless amounts of profit floating by their... read more

hm, thinking about this i pre ordered my ps4 at the local game shop yesterday and heard that there... read more

quote RabidChinaGirl
In regards to what others have said/asked: Japan is big on mobile games. Not...
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quote InitiallySane
That was my copy, jerk!!
you don't need it because you are in the hospital >:] read more

Huntereb speaking about youtube i think i accidently stumbled across you on youtube a while ago.... read more

i got my copy by using a knife and a brick on someone who just left the store. the police will... read more

quote Stephers
Also 1gb memory? Is that a joke? You can't even put like 1 game on that lmao
it's... read more

quote bluexy
Oh, one thing I forgot to note was that the price was comparable to that of the...
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quote Paranoid Android
I'm going to have to agree with largerock in that the video game market is...
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quote largerock
quote S-I-E
quote largerock
Oh....YAY...more zombies....eugh...
you sound like me as a...
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quote largerock
Oh....YAY...more zombies....eugh...
you sound like me as a kid when we had cooked... read more

quote LloydToS
I really like the designs, it'll be difficult to make up my mind whether to grab a...
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quote The5thAvacado
quote RabidChinaGirl
I actually rather like the white. It's more like the...
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