sony is rubbing their new console all over their competitors faces while they should be rubbing it... read more

i find this relatively tame compared with the rest of the internet. read more

quote rpg
quote S-I-E
i'll eat a broomstick if this game ever comes out.
Could we hold you to that, I...
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it's a good thing us gamers can tell the difference between video games and reality huh guys? ;p read more

everybody complains about how broken bf4 is but most still buy the game and play it uninterrupted... read more

they went through all the trouble to make voice commands for it but they forgot to add "Xbox do homework"

jeez! read more

quote RabidChinaGirl
Wakaman I saw this video too. Ridiculous. Figured he's either paid to do it,...
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i love crash bandicoot games as much as anyone else here but careful there, you guys might face... read more

man what a timing all this. the folks at sony are really charming the consumers the way they do... read more

guess that rules that out then. shame they just pass it up i'd love to try it out on the consoles... read more

i may not be too friendly with cod series all the time due to my negative experiences as a former... read more

yeah that dog is definitely going to die a horrible and painful death.

well.. it was fun while it lasted, RIP cod dog. read more

quote Lollipopz12
Well, I guess they either rushed the release, or some bugs are only found when a...
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quote bluexy
Hmm, I was hoping they'd have both standard and HD versions of the Oculus Rift...
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the perfect addition to your living room - IGN read more

he! he! all that pirated music was just taking up space for most of us gamers anyway >:]

less space... read more

hey look everyone call of duty has extinction mode now


where's call of duty dog... read more

see it from the bright side guys. at least it gives us all a good reason to clean the house... read more

well, games are a luxury item. why should ubisoft have it any better than everyone else in this... read more

got the ps3 version myself. you guys should have seen me being all pro in the helicopter... read more

i guess the chinese finally got tired of all the countless amounts of profit floating by their... read more

hm, thinking about this i pre ordered my ps4 at the local game shop yesterday and heard that there... read more