what's the point of taking credit card info when you can sell email addresses and phone numbers by... read more

quote Vast
I am soo tempted to buy this. ;-;
then do it. ten bucks is not that much of a loss even... read more

those darn casuals can say many ugly things about gamers but we always get the best shit. read more

quote monkey_ninjas316
Just another pre-order bonus that's going to gather dust on the shelf.
it's... read more

quote Avalith
the moment you posted that image was the exact same moment my internet fell out of... read more

quote Samaniero
such shibe
so watch
please, no more of this horrible overused meme... read more

oh boy... as optimistic as i try to be this one just has doomed written all over it.
the cheap... read more

*sigh* forever wasn't that bad. a lot of people just had set their expectations of it waaaay to... read more

those firmware updates on the ps4 are not so bad. on the ps3 they take much more time and you have... read more

does this mean we can finally call the wii line a kiddy console without being aggressively downvoted now?

<. read more

quote Rabla
quote S-I-E
the war to end all wars.
Only until the next one.
that's a problem for another time read more

i think the character re-design is very ugly. i really do :/

oh well, it's aimed for a younger age group. read more

quote rpg
The only words I could understand from the camera lady was "show girls".

OMG, I can...
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quote Jaw Knee
No offense to any huge Nintendo fans, but I feel like Nintendo's best hardware days...
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quote Thatoneperson
Candy crush saga is a money whoring app. I prefer bejeweled myself.
which app... read more

i dunno writer. it may look a little creepy at first but imagine what this trailer would look like... read more

oh is that all? it's a good thing that the ps4 is NOT WIDELY AVAILABLE YET!! >:-( read more

quote ImmoStride
I honestly just wanted to talk some smack, don't care about indie games getting...
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bluexy awesome! thanks bluexy.

to be honest i'm surprised i never looked for it after i saw that vid. i usually do. read more

clicked the thumbnail because i thought i saw a pip boy. turned out to be an alien game instead read more

quote THM
My advice to potential PS4 owners is 'just wait'. I pre-ordered my PlayStation 4 in...
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