they should put that thing in the sly cooper movie instead. i predict it's going to be at least... read more

the so called "free" internet sure is turning into the monetized hellhole we've been anticipating... read more

that ancient chinese dragon better bend over and bite the pillow because the western pig is coming... read more

quote SpartanNinja
Probably but if you say something stupid you should be prepared for stuff like...
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gee i just wonder if that aolus guy gets the point after all those comments... read more

quote bluexy
I like my collector's edition items to be outlandish, incredible and impressive junk....
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some say it was one of the shittiest wars ever. despite certain popular belief there really were... read more

quote S-I-E
quote Aulis Vaara
Oh EA, if only you'd realize that humans are not cashcows.
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great, i can't wait to go to the safari and throw rocks at pokemon again!

it's been too long. read more

so basically nintendo says: "oops! didn't think about that. we'll put it in the next game"

well how... read more

investing into projects always comes with risks for both the investors and the designers. i guess... read more

hmm, it's a tough decision this one.

i'm not entirely sure if i should get this one. part of me... read more

quote RabidChinaGirl
As I understand it, the atrocities committed under Hitler are heavily taught...
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infinity ward is known for a saying called "were going in deep and were going in hard" and they... read more

been hearing that before about the console name. it reminds me of what gaben from valve once said.... read more

quote THM
Bring some interesting ideologies in it, but lacks the political intensity of Killzone....
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well shoot my dog and call me sally, for the first time in years i am actually getting impressed... read more

i think they really go for the element of surprise on this one.

an... read more