i can't wait to see what the gmod film maker community will respond with, this vid is a treasure... read more

quote kuje
quote tiki tiki Hilo
With the way Sony is going, they're going to lose their advantage....
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those characters sure do their best to look good on the soon to be boxart but i see those kirovs... read more

oh i needed tissues for the trailer allright but not because it's emotional. that game has awesome... read more

that's one big assed rumor.

screw tiny french posters at the studio. MURICA! read more

quote Huntereb
quote S-I-E
avoid arguing it, consider it please
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Huntereb i got a hunch that you'll be arguing about why all gamers don't use pc's for a very long... read more

quote Huntereb
Why doesn't everyone just have a PC?
because Xbox one is boosting it's pixels and by... read more

quote Captain Nerditude
You hit the nail right on the head there. The way I feel (as cruel as it...
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quote Tenken
Being totally serious. The movie doesn't look bad, and I've yet to hear anyone say...
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meanwhile in turkey everybody is pre ordering the shit out of that game. read more

quote i love snk neogeo 2014
salut , mk 10 pèrsso invité je voix bien ken shiro de hokuto no ken...
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say, this doesn't look bad at all.
battlefield stuff as usual but with a nice twist that focusses... read more

they should put that thing in the sly cooper movie instead. i predict it's going to be at least... read more

the so called "free" internet sure is turning into the monetized hellhole we've been anticipating... read more

that ancient chinese dragon better bend over and bite the pillow because the western pig is coming... read more

quote SpartanNinja
Probably but if you say something stupid you should be prepared for stuff like...
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gee i just wonder if that aolus guy gets the point after all those comments... read more

quote bluexy
I like my collector's edition items to be outlandish, incredible and impressive junk....
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some say it was one of the shittiest wars ever. despite certain popular belief there really were... read more