australia sure is the gaza strip of the gaming community isn't it? we never hear some good gaming news from there. read more

quote Crusad3r
Activision and Blizzard are some of the oldest names in the business. I'm sure...
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quote Heartlesswithaheart
There IS a great way to avoid having server issues in games.

Don't force...
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the psn users have nothing to do with it. this is top trophywhore only.
here, everyone look at... read more

quote TheButcher99999
quote Solid-Snack
Better be making Half-Life 3...
Yes I really hope a bunch of...
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quote Mikau Kahn
Team Flare seem to be missing the fashionable from their "strange and...
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quote DedValve
quote Nightmare Samurai
This can only mean one thing...

Half Life 3 confirmed.

ha ha, if that's... read more

purple eclipse and worlds collide...

heh, call it a wild guess but what about ratchet meets spyro universe? fits... read more

quote Mikau Kahn
quote Gligar
quote Chiggins
Especially on Titus' face.
You mean Tidus's face...
In Dissidia they call...
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i honestly wouldn't worry about the battery part guys. leds are getting better, stronger, and more efficient by the... read more

you guys realise that this classic mode will never see the daylight right? it'll expose the game to hackers

*walks... read more

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quote Duncan Idaho
quote BlackScythe
I really wish they would put harsher penalties on these internet...
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quote jolteon1996
Currently, I stand with Nintendo on this. Region locking has more pros than cons.
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quote BlackScythe
I really wish they would put harsher penalties on these internet criminals. Like the death penalty...
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quote Andy3639
Is it covered in Argos gold the cheapist material known to man
paint job buddy.

quote Dilweedle
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that thumbnail :/

th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks! read more

quote Crafter
.ca? Where's that?? Is it even a real place? ...California maybe?

or perhaps it's a prison? you know,... read more

you know i can't help you if you're just trying to evade explaining the part you don't... read more

quote Thatguy101
I don't mean to be a d***, but mark rubin is blowing smoke out of his a**. Adjust on the fly, Ya...
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because every current software billionaire once started with a used computer and a room just big enough to fit a... read more

quote Peace-Child
Does anyone even use Origin?
I mean, not like for one game, but as an avid gaming program like...
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