justplayingitcool you are lying.

Rabla you know where this conversation will end.

and i shouldn't have said anything... read more

quote CTTR champion
Why? Wouldent it be incomplete?
it's probably still being tested and worked on but who really... read more

^acts like a Vita fanboy > discovers vita info bar after update 2.10

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quote justplayingitcool
quote DragonSlayer45
I have to say, even though EA are about the biggest scumbags in gaming,...
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quote Slash
People voted for them as the worst company yet buy their games anyway.
that's the other side of the coin.... read more

quote InitiallySane
WELL THEN. If a company's employee wants to respond to consumer fear with a #dealwithit, then...
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quote RabidChinaGirl
Mikau Kahn Elder Scrolls taught me that difference.
my lesbian khajiit warrior begs to differ.... read more

"what makes me a good journeyman? if i was a bad journeyman i wouldn't be sittin' here, discussin' it with you now... read more

i assume they'll be doing the 1991 remake version of the game right? either way i think some of the jokes could use... read more

no worries guys i know the combination for this battle sequence.

X, down, down, then repeatedly tap L2 and R2 to... read more

quote nipsen
So.. almost 2/3rds of the people who started up and logged trophies on their ME3 playthrough - either...
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reached level 9 on neoforums - "no-stoppin-me-now" with 200 posts

funny thing is i have an uncle from my mother's side that kinda looks and acts like wrex minus the killing for honor... read more

bluexy yeah but to know before hand that it will never live up to the original already kills it for me.

it's the same... read more

i'm not so sure... the famous duck tales intro song seems to do all the work in that trailer :/

honestly i'd be a... read more

sonic RPG for the vita. it's the only thing they can sell if you ignore sega's classics. read more

quote DedValve
Get SimCity 4
Uninstall SimCity 5
hehehe. that's something i would actually consider.

anyway, time... read more

quote J
thousands of people loving the Always-Connected functionality

I find this hard to believe,
actually if you... read more

they also recognized that people refuse to pay for it. and what a coincidence that this all time online function... read more

quote RabidChinaGirl
quote S-I-E
the difference lies in the TV antennas on the rooftops. don't they know anything...
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the difference lies in the TV antennas on the rooftops. don't they know anything about modern Syria? read more

well... *bleep*.

i can't believe it. this film just spoilered the ending of a gameboy pocket game called fortress of... read more