quote InitiallySane
That was my copy, jerk!!
you don't need it because you are in the hospital >:] read more

Huntereb speaking about youtube i think i accidently stumbled across you on youtube a while ago.... read more

i got my copy by using a knife and a brick on someone who just left the store. the police will... read more

quote Stephers
Also 1gb memory? Is that a joke? You can't even put like 1 game on that lmao
it's... read more

quote bluexy
Oh, one thing I forgot to note was that the price was comparable to that of the...
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quote Paranoid Android
I'm going to have to agree with largerock in that the video game market is...
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quote largerock
quote S-I-E
quote largerock
Oh....YAY...more zombies....eugh...
you sound like me as a...
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quote largerock
Oh....YAY...more zombies....eugh...
you sound like me as a kid when we had cooked... read more

quote LloydToS
I really like the designs, it'll be difficult to make up my mind whether to grab a...
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quote The5thAvacado
quote RabidChinaGirl
I actually rather like the white. It's more like the...
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chip A, core B... it all sounds very fancy but problem is that's all nerd stuff i don't understand... read more

quote Fifth Column
lol what? I think it's a pretty cool way to thank all the people who have been...
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quote Slash
Why is the Kinect still black?
less risks for discrimination lawsuits. read more

ever dropped a full water balloon on a tile floor?
if you guys do please keep that image in mind... read more

i see a few familiar weapons, clank plays helicopter backpack again (good sign) and they also got... read more

quote bluexy
I'm most disappointed that it's death-themed. More skeletons, more zombies...
sounds... read more

quote Euphoric
Make the bat cave a hub. A base of operations to show off the collectables etc you...
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quote TheKennyL24
It's amazing...just astonishing
Sorry but i'm new to this can someone help me and...
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look at the skins on all the objects. it's definitely a map of the cave they made the cutscenes in... read more

quote bluexy
x5 for me now :3

it's just one of those songs. everytime i listen i hear something new. read more