I'm the thrith son from a rather technical family i might say and being me i love to share the passion in my own way.

as a kid i grew up on the countryside of the netherlands so me and my brothers spend alot of time in the cornfields, up in the trees, by the water catching frogs and all sorts of other stuff any kid loves to do, not a day came by without my mom being angry at us for being covered in mud or other natural substances specialised in making clothes dirty and mothers angry (yikes)

nowadays i spend my time hobbying and working here and there like any other gamer, a computer is fine too i guess :D every saturday i visit my 91 year old grandpa and do take the time for family and friends.

if you like to know more why don't you send me a message?


Oh, where to start. In general i'm like most people here a fan of playing games (Will get in it's details later)) but s with most people i also have other hobbies outside the gamingworld, Here's a list if you are interested:

- Making scale models: Revell/Tamiya.
- Collecting antique coins.
- Planes.
- Modern/Old Military Equipment.
- Computers and PC's.
- Old consoles/Videogames.
- Music: versatile taste, both old & new.
- Collecting old flashlights (oldest dates from 1915)
- Old/Antique Electronics.

When i was a kid i used to collect key chain hangers too, god knows what i have collected during that time, i still have them somewhere xD. I'll upload some pics of all that stuff once I'm able to.

As for my game interests here's a list of my all time favorites:

- Commander Keen
- Wolvenstein 3D
- Gunstar heroes
- Mario kart 64
- Comix zone
- Simcity
- Simcity 3000
- Rayman revolution
- Rayman Hoodlum havoc
- Age of empires 1
- Age of mythology
- C&C Tiberian sun
- C&C Red alert 2 + Yuri's revenge
- C&C Red alert 3
- Killzone
- Killzone 2
- MOH Frontline
- MOH Rising sun
- MOH European assault
- Heavy Rain
- Afrika
- Cod1
- Cod2: Big red one
- Cod4 Modern warfare
- Cod: Black ops

And it keeps growing.

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